Everyone knows buying a Halloween costume is not only time consuming, but can hit you hard in the wallet. We recently sent our own Andrew Ramos on a mission to make the most out of a buck at a local 99 cents store. With the help of trick-or-treaters Colleen and Steven, they managed to muster up six costume ideas – one as cheap as $2.
A Lady Gaga costume will be sure to catch everyone’s attention at a Halloween party. Shop Amazon for Lady Gaga costumes.
This is how I made the diamonds that Lady Gaga wears on her shoulder & hip on the Poker Face video. It’s for a Halloween costume. You can download the diamond pattern & see the entire costume how-to from my blog at: www.tasita.com
Still don’t know what your going as for Halloween? Well Threadbanger is here to give u some suggestions and fill ya in on the years biggest costumes.