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I have dreamed about becoming a creature like this since I saw “The Dark crystal”( landstriders scene) when I was a child. Way into my adult life now I went to see circ de soleil, while watching the blank face crutch walkers, it hit me, why don’t I combine them both. When I did a search on line it turns out there are others with the same idea (Thank you Garen and Mellissa for the info aka. Stilt Spirits). This creature I refer to as “what nightmares are made of” is 7 feet tall and primarily made of recycled foam. [More]
As always, there were so many cool costumes at AX but here’s my top 10. It’s based on craftsmanship, creativity, originality and FUN! Song is called “Time To Pretend” by MGMT I’m sure I missed a lot of great costumes, LACC was packed. Thanks to everyone at AX, it was awesome hanging out with you guys!
Get great pop culture Halloween costume ideas!
Halloween 2011: Ideas For Men’s Costumes – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. For mens’ costumes, a good trend this year is the 60s and 70s. As you can see behind me here, we have several pimp costumes for guys – different sizes, different colors, different fabrics, many sizes and styles to choose from. Here I have a popular movie version of a 60s or 70s themed costume. Also available for accessorizing several pimp costumes or 60s and 70s outfits are the mustaches here which come in several different colors, styles to choose from, available at most costume [More]
Halloween 2011: Funny Masks – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. When it comes to funny masks this Halloween season, I guess it depends on what your idea of funny is. Some people think Hillary Clinton here is funny or some people might think that is scary when it comes to a Halloween mask. Here we have the train wreck’s surgery mask which is a very funny popular one for women to wear, since there’s not too many choices for women, but here are a few samples of what women could wear when it comes to funny masks [More]