DIY Sushi, Jellyfish & Beanie Baby Halloween Costume! Quick & Easy | rosaliesaysrawr

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3 Cute & Easy DIY Halloween Costumes! | COLLAB
I put together 3 Super Cute and Extremely Easy to Make DIY Costumes just for YOU!
COLLAB with Mika Chan Sailor:
“Mika’s DIY Halloween Costumes” –
“Mika’s Channel” –

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video! I don’t own any of the music, what so ever! ALL rights to Their Rightful Owners, Gracias!


Heein Kim says:

funny bc sushi is japanese and the audio is korean

Kendall McCollough says:

any one else notice the lyrics that she put on her beanie baby?!

Xavier South says:

Did anyone notice that the song in the back ground is " hello kitty" by avirl lavigne

ThatIdiotChild says:

I have been binge watching DIY Halloween videos and this one is my favorite so far. These are so cute and so unique. Thanks for sharing c:

pepperminterica says:

Is that hyuna's red? :D

Mia H says:

Lol when her green wasabi accessory blended in with the green scree

Angela Nguyen says:


Visey Rith says:

A Starbucks cup 

Kali Bright says:

These are the cutest DIYs I have seen! I love the Jellyfish!!! 

moniquerachel27 says:

Great ideas 😊

Marcela Padron says:

Omg I wAs born on September 16 to

BeautyByHarley says:

You deserve so much more subscribers! Your videos are amazing! 💖

Katey “Potatoey” Furtaw says:

You deserve WAY more then 3k. I just started watching, and I think I have a fave youtuber! I love the sushi one :)

rosaliesaysrawr says:

Halloween Is Approaching FAST!🎃👻
Do you know what you're gonna be?!😱
Well, if you're still looking for a costume but don't want to spend a ton of 💰 or decide to be a little Crafty✂️…
Then I think I have the perfect solutions for you!
These costumes are Super Cute & Girly and Extremely Easy to Make!
This is a Collab with Mika Chan Sailor, so make sure to check her video out! She made 3 Spooky/Edgier Costumes! Links in the Description Box!

Glam Barbie says:

omg so cute! love it! xoxo 

AmericanAmigo says:

Really cute ideas <3  I love the beautiful dancing fairy <3

Maisy Mouse says:

I have the same cat jacket I wear it almost every day.

makeupbymaya17 says:

you're perfect let me be you omg! subbed! it would be awesome if you checked out my channel and maybe sub back? love youu!

bberw08 says:

where do you come up with all these ideas?! you're amazing!

Hannahbeautygirl says:

I'm in love With your channel. I would never make videos That Good<3 love ya

Samantha Clysdale says:

These costumes are so much fun.

Yliana Quintanilla says:

heyy I'm Yliana and I just started my youtube channel, I posted my first video > Yliana Quintanilla | T.M.I tag < I'd love to know what you think about it and if you have any advice.. Thank you :)

tadgttmd says:

loved the beanie baby one!