DIY Halloween Costumes to Wear with Friends! w/ Nina and Randa

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Need a last minute costume for you and your biffl?!
DIY Lipstick with Crayons ft MyLifeAsEva –

Nina and Randa are showing us how to pull together a few cute and creative costumes for halloween! Grab your bestie and get dressed up! What’s your favorite costume Nina and Randa did? What are you being for halloween this year?! Leave a comment!

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Lily Sharp says:

nerd shirts $8 each im a kid so that's a lot

Lily Sharp says:

no school lets kids wear half tops omg

RainbowWaffles says:

Why are you wearing tank tops?! It's FREEZING on Halloween.. o,o

franco araujo says:

So weird I have a twin and her name is miranda😆

Holly Toliver says:

I wear my hair in pig tails r u calling a nerd? 😭

Anna says:

U can't wear that at school!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

♥Joy&Hope♥ says:

It would be cute if u did a heart for the cat an dog nose.

Mikasa Ackerman says:

Alright I'm watching this in September because I'm so lazy. Anybody else or just me?


I'm not trying to be rude but why isn't she wearing a green one for luigi

Evi Heacock says:

You guys should have dressed as Anna and Elsa because you already have the pretty eyes and cute freckles :D

X SHNZZ X says:

I like the cat and dog one XD y u so good looking plz answer

X SHNZZ X says:

they blink at the same time

KittyCashmere says:

I don't have any friends
Like if your a loner

bella gatto says:

I 👛 shop at forever 21 they got nice stuff👟 justice have nice stuff too👍

Brooke Reid Dwyer says:


patch glide says:

that'd so funny my aunts name is randa and my mom's name is nina

Faith Shell says:

Me and my friends are going as harley and joker😆

☢CattyGaming☢ says:

They're so chirpy and happy. It makes me cringe.

Beauty by Leyanna says:

They're so cute

Samuel Cooper says:

Help me😒😒

Megan Salas says:

Hey , I will have a good idea to have to do in history 

tigerlily 121 says:

"Wear these to school" I don't think I can have a crop top if there are no fake knifes or anything violent.

dipper pines says:

the kids with "cat" costumes are always at my school during halloween 

Blue green says:

Thank you so, so much!! That's, what i'm searching for!!!