4 Last min DIY Halloween Costumes!

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Thumbs up for DIY vids! Sorry this vid took so long! I hope you guys like it. I’M ON INSTAGRAM!! http://instagram.com/andreaschoice


Main Stuff used:
White paint, black paint
Smashbox powder foundation
smashbox mascara full exposure
NYX gel liner
Bobbi brown liquid liner
MICA beauty pink tinted lip balm (it’s a lipstick though, i don’t know why they call it that) – in “natural”
Black dress made by nathalia gaviria
colored crochet top from forever 21 (iloveH81)
BareSkin mineral liquid foundation
If i missed something, I apologize.. let me know in the comments 🙂

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Hannah Griffin says:

Black hair looks SO good on her!

Δήμητρα Μαργαριτίδη says:

for the third costume I really prefer you as a blond!!!!!! but however you re still pretty!

Lilac Kat says:

Yassssssss do #2

June Pressley says:

Some little ideas for anyone looking for a twist on these cute Halloween costumes:
On the hippie get up If you want to stay warm while still rocking it, wear palazzo pants and a long cardigan maybe with some fake flowers poking out to keep the good vibes coming
On the skeleton outfit you can spice it up with a black turtle neck and a pair of black tights (I got mine from Belk, they look like they have gills on them) with un-zipped combat boots and Halloween socks poking out and it ends up so cute!!
Happy Halloween Guys!!! Have fun!!!!

Enjoyinglife says:

that was a mercedes sign

Josie Underdown says:

That's not the peace sign… Its a Mercedes sign… Lol

Keisha Smith says:

i don't want yu to copy off of me..lol… im gonna do the skeleton look.. it was easy simple and spooky..thumbs upp

Lauren Richter says:

Totally the hippie

Ashley Garrido says:

Wait is she dating mazzi max?

Vicki Bond says:

I like the skull face