Zombie Make-Up Tips for Halloween: Inside The Walking Dead

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Makeup Effects wizard and “The Walking Dead” consulting producer Greg Nicotero gives some tips on how to do your zombie makeup this halloween.

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Betty Garcia says:

I want him to turn me into a walker I will pay him if I have too

November Eddigo says:

I tried the gelatine technique and it looked and felt really cool

John Perdue says:

I'm it's on Halloween can you do my makeup

TheEmeraldPoptart says:

I did do that after I got my candy!

Johnathan Wilson says:

What the h— is up with your finger

NoSaveFilms says:

Makes it look so easy. :)

xgoldlion07x says:

This works! Thanks Andy & Greg

Abryl Rueda says:

Thank you soooo much for this video! BRILLIANT!!!

Simply Alyssa F. says:

Such a great video 🙂 I just did a zombie video. Next year I will use these tips 

Shannon Pruitt says:

what can i use instead of latex, i am highy allergic to latex

melissa tauala says:

Thank you for sharing!

taylowe85 says:

I just did this exact makeup routine and the liquid latex i purchased from the Halloween store did NOT just "rip off." After googling how to remove and finding out it bonds to hair and not to apply to an unshaven, unoiled face, we finally got out a contractor solvent. That and mineral oil and a lot of rubbing got it off. It left my face looking like i just had a chemical peel and now my face is scabbing up. The worst part is… i did this same thing to my 6 year old. So if you find yourself wanting to do a professional looking zombie… i recommend to use the elmers glue and toilet paper and skip the liquid latex.

occupytosavetheworld says:


Bre Mcq says:


Cheyenne Acosta says:

How do you make the gelatin squares? Just a pack of gelatin + 1/3 cup of water and let it sit till its jelly-like? 

Jamie Calaway says:

I'm definitely doing this for Halloween. 

LeighAnn Rivers says:

this is so helpful for my idea for my holloween costume I cant wait for holloween. but how do you get it off

stormiegrace says:

How did they make the gelatin squares?

LightningCloud 11 says:

does anyone think this would look good on any kind of zombie? (doctor zombie, cheerleader zombie, etc.)