Zombie Barbie

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Halloween is coming up! Who else is going as a Zombie this year?! All you need is liquid latex, tissue paper, and fake blood to look like a Zombie Barbie! Haha!

I was inspired by the sfx makeup artist on The Walking Dead.

Watch my Barbie Transformation Tutorial:

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Blog post about fake blood and gore

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How to Be a Heartbreaker

Music in order:

How to Be a Heartbreaker
Teen Idle
Valley of the Dolls

WATCH Theodore Leaf’s “Ken Transformation” video:

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Dyan Gormandy says:

my bro get scared

Lulu wy says:

jaja muy buena intro !!

Gianne Rosales says:

was i the only one that turned away my screen when i first saw this vid?

Ourabi Asma says:


Erica Serrano says:

wow Barbie a zombie that is cool

Gameing Gall says:

regular Barbie is scarier

Emelyn Toledo U. says:

Te quiero mucho



Nicole Kenworthy says:

How is it taking the tissue off?? My daughter wants to be a zombie fairy but if it hurts taking off the latex I should probably come up with another idea for makeup

Leiu Swan says:

anyone know what is that nose " something " ?

Iona Macintyre says:

lol eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Farihah Tanzim says:

What can you use instead of liquid latex?

Autumnandlily says:

Her facial features are pretty close to Barbies in my opinion

Arsenia Agulto says:

Better if a zombie you're gonna become a zombie doll

Karina Franco says:

I live you vid

Sage1230 says:

Haha the intro!😂😂

Daisy A ♡ says:

I just wish the teacher doing facepaint added white powder to set…

Alia Lovers says:

What song did she use when she was creating her Barbie look?

Amanda27 Amndaaa amo vcs says:

Eu gostei da técnica que ela fez mas ela fala demais

tamira bracey says:

I love this video so much I'm going to do it for Halloween

Sama ahmed says:

she is beautiful and she made it 👌 and nice