Ripped Mouth Zombie Makeup Application

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For those who are interested; I’ve created a photo-tutorial on how to create this look, including the prosthetic gum/teeth pieces;
Video tutorial is now up: 😀

I’m a self-taught hobbyist.

– liquid latex
– tissues
– cotton pads
-acrylic nails
-acrylic paints (to paint the jaw/teeth section)
-Kyrolan Fresh Scratch blood (dark)
– Skin toned grease paints
– Mehron Squirt Blood in light, and dark.
– and cosmetic makeup for the eyes (purplish and pink eyeshadows and mascara).

Feel free to ask questions – you can post a comment, message me on here, or on my:

Facebook Page:


Julia Kachalova says:


Ice Cold says:

would've gone shopping if i got this going on

Dean Rohs says:

Bar none the hottest zombie ever! I had to laugh when I saw you doing your eyelashes. I guess even zombies like to have stunning eyes.

This is a great tutorial hon. Lots of great ideas that I'm gunna steal. Thanx!

Michel De Los Santos Garcia says:

guuao muchos saludos

johnny reaubourg says:

c'est bon, j'ai trouvé, c'est CHOPIN.

johnny reaubourg says:

bonjour, de qui est cette musique ?

Nakiya Shumate says:


Nakiya Shumate says:

I know this isn't related to this video but your eyes are beautiful@freakmo

Over the Edge says:

Thought the song was "deadmau5 – moar ghosts and stuff"

Ingrid Vasquez says:

I'd love to do this for Halloween but i don't have time to make the zombie mouth piece lol

HalilCan Can says:

Güzelim Kız Ne Hale Gelmis Yazık Ya :(

sadyia nadeem says:

Tried it and mum started crying 😂😂😂😂

Patricia Salyers says:

perfect for mars attacks

Angel Pagar says:

this is f  king quiet

XxPrincessKitKatxX UK//MSP says:

THANKYEW I WAS LOOKING THROUGH My old subs on my other chanel and u came up so i looked at u on here and recreated it for the halloween comming up tysm! x

sundragon1976 says:

The music is great!

Joe Kristof says:

What this piano song title ?

G U Y M I C S says:

Я люблю тебя:З

Courtney Cummings says:

Do you ever have issues applying the latex and other products around your piercings?

Eren OynuyorTR says:

ay gecmis olsun :d

Mr. Ard says:

zombie yeah

Ali Basat says:


Psych Oz says:


Romario coelho says:

Hats off 4 the efforts U've taken!! Patience req!! Thanks alot! I can now rock on my Halloween Day!!!

Bahar Malcok says:

korktum ki la

Janusz Kowalski says:

świetna charakteryzacja 

stanace [minecraft] says:

no fuj děte s krví do prde…