True Blood Make-up Tutorial: Sookie + Eric

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Behind the scenes:

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Makeup I used:

-Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 (applied prior to filming)
-MAC Paint Pot in Nubile
-MAC eyeshadow in Era
-MAC eyeshadow in Haux
-Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner Palette
-Ardell 135 Black false lashes
-Benefit They’re Real! Mascara
-Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
-Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Pink
-Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Passion
-Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer lipgloss in Watermelon Splash

-Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin in Ivory
-Maybelline Fit Me Powder in Porcelain
-Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner Palette
-Sonia Kashuk Lip Pencil in Rosewood

Tools used:
-Sephora eyeshadow brush
-Sigma ss219 crease brush
-Sigma angled eyeliner brush
-Sephora Professional Platinum Airbrush #55
-Sonia Kashuk brushes

Merlotte’s Waitress Outfit:

Men’s Fangtasia shirt:
(There’s one for women too!)

Nail Polish:

Disclaimer: The Benefit mascara was sent to me. Everything else was purchased with my own money. (:


Courtney Turner says:

A bit more bland!!

Elifsu Aksoy says:

She have beautiful eyes

Monique Cantu says:


Larg Blarg says:

Luke look like he’s not very how do I put it … himself :(

Kathryn says:

Luke looks nothing like Eric. He would fit more with Bill.

maisha hassan says:

Does it hurt when u take the wounds off

editha Parmeley says:

luke will do anything to win his woman, oyyy.

KendallsGirl4ever says:

8:11 luke looks so good 😮 😀 <3

justbecause120 says:

using this for a photoshoot, thank you 🙂

Kristrún Ósk Baldursdóttir says:

so cool i love it 🙂

NV1596165 says:

God could they be any cuter.

Sventachi says:

wait 😀 !? aren’t they were bf and gf in this video ?!?! 😀 cuuute x3

CoffeeAddictedBunny says:

pause at 0:15 luke is smiling

Alyssa Noelle says:

i miss tutorials!!

theJojogirl812 says:

anyone else notice that the second song for background music was the
instrumental for luke’s song ascendio???

Nina Gordon says:

She says that Sookie doesn’t have heavy eye makeup but Ingrid is wearing

nishygirl96 says:

Luke is a pretty hot vampire I must say 🙂

Louise Warg says:

they were but they didn`t announced it un til january 2012 , they said in
the boy friend tag that they bin dating for a year but didn`t say it to
every body a halv year later:)

Spoonie Beauty says:

Any tricks for getting lipstains on evenly? I always end up looking like I
just drank a Big Red:/

OneMakeupAtATime says:

I use the FIT me powder.. review please?

jangade22 says:

can u do vampire diaries next

oohheynicolle says:

I literally just laughed out loud after the intro. It was so funny! You
should make more of these types of videos Ingrid 🙂

Kayla Ward says:

If say he’s more of a Bill than an Eric

imaaannxx says:

Luke is looking unwilling hahahaha

CoffeeAddictedBunny says:

greenscreen dude……

AGFan4evr says:

I wonder if they were crushing on eachother before they were boyfriend and

Nana Lie says:

Were they together there?

punk-as-puck says:

i looovveee that show.

Grace Williams says:

they was seeing eachother, just hanging out. Nothing was official, and they
never knew what was happening all together, it was just hanging out for

Malavika Rathore says:

luke is d best

BeautyByName1234 says:

I live in louisana (:

Priscilla Chun says:

Looked nothing like sookie or Eric ==

smilingandlaughing1 says:

i loooooove true blood ♥

ahsimac 27 says:

Ohhhh….. the before Ingrid and Luke were not bf/gf yet days……

ileanaschiff says:

awsome vídeo

Jami Melton says:

luke kind of looks better as a vampire

tracixlee says:

using “they’re real” on fake lashes..lies!

Ashley Palmieri says:

your so pretty. im jealous:)