FX Makeup Series: Acid Burns

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Heys guys! This tutorial will teach you how to achieve an acid burn using makeup. This is a fun one complete with a little foaming action. Stay tuned for more in the Fx series. Thanks for watching!

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Morgan Freeman says:

Awesome! I’m going the Walking Dead little zombie girl, the one with the
teddy bear, and I think this is perfect for one of the bite marks, I just
need it to be a bit darker, but I can easily do that. Anyway, thanks for
tutorial, stay disgustingly fabulous as ever!

Daniel Games says:

My friends are gonna hate me >:D

Jaiden Gordon says:

Now how would yo get that off

Leek-chan says:

this is so fucking gross

Heather Landis says:


Léo MakeUP says:

Very good

Megapixelz Gaming says:

This might just be perfect for a Larp where I’m going! My character is a
prisoner who has been tortured for a long time…

Heather Landis says:


Justice Sigurdson says:

Why am I watching this?!
I should be in bed?

morpho wing says:

AWESOME! can baking soda and vinegar work instead of antacids? The irony is
that vinegar is basically acid. Lol. 

Matty W says:

I think I’ll use this for a two face cosplay, thanks.

caro rech says:

You should
Prank people with all that stuff 

halliethepanda says:

Wow I love your makeup tutorials!!! 

indeed says:

that’s not what an acid burns look like… the wound doesn’t bleed and the
skin turns green 

kitty g says:

looks awsome

Kim Foehlinger says:

sorry it was sposed to make a tm

Callie Wells says:

Does the 3rd degree not rub off when you put the color over it? The texture
looks similar to vasaline

Chocolate Lightning says:

AWESOME…I have to try that

Will Yank says:

So awsome goof idea Thoe

jane ross says:

Thats amazing how long does the burn effect last for?

becky henry says:

How long does it bubble for roughly?

Ashley Marks says:

that is too awesome. the burn reminds me of freddy krueger but without the

Tiffanie Killman says:

dude so gross but awesome!!!

Kim Foehlinger says:

nice my dad suks &#x2122


Gross but nice I should probably scare my sister with that for Halloween or
next April fools day btw my name is Sarah 

Dragoncity Geek fleak says:

Ew but cool

JChrisBB says:

I will never tire of this video! Love it!

kurlykarlab says:

I would have added color to the crushed seltzer with some of the color from
that alcohol palette either red or green, not leave it white when applied.
Cool effects. Like your channel

123ladycola says:

Goldiestarling! HELP ME!! How in the world do you get your alcohol paints
to be so cooperative on the 3rd degree? I use 91% because that is all I
have on hand. Could that be the reason? Or are alcohol paints just
something you have to learn to use? Also, please do a two face video.

Gee way says:

wooaahhh *o*