X Men Wolverine Halloween Costume 2013

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http://www.ReplicaAirguns.com – X Men Wolverine Halloween Costume 2013.

So here it is, my X-Men Wolverine Costume for the 2013 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway. No I am not competing, but I wanted t get involved since dressing up for Halloween is fun.

X-Men Wolverine in pretty simple, pair of jeans, white wife beater, brown leather jacket, cool belt buckle, dog tags, cigar, grow and trim the beard and of course attach some blades to your knuckles 😉

Hope you like it and don’t forget to upload your Halloween Costume video and let me know when you have it up.

Check out the Official Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway Video rules.

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UCI Paranormal says:

Thats awesome dude !

Joy Sumon says:

its so nice

James Howlett says:

You never will see a beefy wolvereen the way he should b hunched over and
the anger that admits from him should b up their with the hulk. U did good
for the movie version

jill valentine in real life says:

i wish i wanna make x-men female wolverine halloween costume for halloween

Matthew Gresham says:

That’s cool!!!

Joy Sumon says:

its so nice

Alejandra Soto says:


Jeremy Cole says:

and hes canadian!

ssr knives sean roberts says:


David Gunn says:

I gotta admit, that’s pretty damn good man. I dressed up as Wolverine too
(basically I just did it because I have a white wife beater and blue jeans,
lol) for a Halloween party this year, and it was a hoot :P

canUsayCHEESE says:

You accualy kinda look like hughe jackman

Peter Parker says:

I like it, the hair is not right. But besides that good job

Marc Power says:

fuck all of the replicas look at those guns….this dude is jacked…fit
over 40 must be working bro.

letterpool says:

well done, that was a sweet costume!

CaptainLeftHook says:

Props for actually having muscles and looking fit.

jeebs621 says:

Dude I never knew you were jacked as hell damn

Captain Ganjah says:

cool sh#% man looks good

Replica Airguns says:

Thanks 🙂

guidelineuk says:

Mike you could get paid as a lookalike :0)

Jamessawyer010 says:

That’s a bad ass costume bro

Mojo Clov3 says:

awesome job

Replica Airguns says:

Thanks 🙂

AWAgamingUS says:

That was realistic

anthonyshowrock says:

too bad my bb guns are broken 🙁

Replica Airguns says:

Thanks 🙂

Nathan Peres says:

WOW this is like 1:1

Qyuubi786 says:

Now that is cool. I won’t be surprised if people mistake you for Hugh. Nice
jacket and hair. Those claws look like they are made of metal. 🙂