How to Make a Zombie Costume

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If you are looking to make your own zombie costume this Halloween take a look at this short video that we have made. We offer tips on where to purchase your outfit, give a make up example and even show you a popular zombie costume that we have available.

Jokers’ Masquerade fancy dress

Zombie costumes

Items that we used in the video to make our own zombie costume:

Snazaroo 50ml Gel Blood (ref: 21955)

Snazaroo Face Paint Brushes x 3 (ref: 65380)

Spirit Gum & Remover Combo (ref: 10359)

Liquid Latex (ref: 12046)

Woochie Body Hits (ref: 25075)

White, Black and Green Makeup Theme (ref: 10271)

Snazaroo Applicator Sponge (ref: 10350)

High School Horror Zombie Schoolgirl Costume (ref: 63988)


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