Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial

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Since Disney’s Maleficent is coming out soon, I thought it would be fun to do a Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial!

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I hope you guys liked this, Maleficent video!!
Watch the trailer for the movie! It comes out May 30th-

Some of the Make-Up I used:

Maleficent Foundation:
Givenchy Photo’perfexion-

Foundation Highlight Contour Palette:
RCMA VK #11 Palette –

Eyeshadow Palette (I used the ivory shadow for Maleficent’s Face Powder too)- BEN NYE GLAM PALETTE:

Contour powder:
MAC Taupe

Maleficent Red Lips:
Cherry Lipliner from MAC

Red Maleficent Lip Shine:
Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in F-Bomb:,-lip-stain-%26-gloss

Maleficent Eyebrows:
Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony:

First long flared lashes-
Urban Decay Lashes in Lure:

Thick Full Lashes on Top:
Flutterlashes in Kim:
Maleficent Colored Contacts:

My costume was made by my awesome friend and costume designer: Vanessa Gonzales


Kandee Johnson says:

Maleficent Make-Up before and after:

Cristeen Olley says:

Loooove this!!! Amazing job! 

Hayley Reinitz says:

You make a beautiful Malificent! You did such a great job! 😉

Ava Allan says:

Kandee!! This is sooooooo amazing! You are incredibly talented! xoxox

Lucy's Corsetry says:

OH MY GAAAAAAAAHHH, I couldn’t stop grinning through this whole video!
Every time I think you couldn’t be any more skilled, you blow me away
again. <3 These character tutorials are my absolute favourite of yours. :)

Beauty TV says:

Love this transformation and using eyeshadow for contouring = genius!

Denver William says:

I love this new format!!! You are beautiful and I love your messages!!

vanezez says:

so fucking amazing.

Ana Huaman says:

Do a video to take out contacts

joecymijares says:

i love it +Kandee Johnson it is so much perfect you can sub Angelina on
the movie…. you are exactly looked like her.. perfect Artistic Skill…

beautybyjj says:

That was absolutely amazing Kandee!!!!

The Platform says:

+Kandee Johnson We’re consistently amazed by your talents, babe!

Carli Bybel says:

amazingggggggggggggg <3

Carla Paulino says:

i love it! seriouslly funny when u speak as ur sweet self looking like
maleficent hahahahaha adorable… ur amazing! 

Cassie Mcdonald says:

I loved it but I don’t have that makeup :'(

KittiesMama says:

We heart you back Kandee! Great tutorial!
P.S. We tried and failed with the prosthetic, too! lol!

Laura Lee says:

you look so so so much like her!! hearing your voice coming out of that
face just isn’t right!! ha ha ha you did and incredible job kandee!! love

meimeimakeup says:

Picture this : my mouth on the floor for 7 minuets and 29 seconds straight
, and still SO amazed that I hit the replay button (and the like button
too) !!! Your such a queen Kandee ! Bravo!!!

makeupbyemma says:

You look just like her!! Amazing!!

LilMissDance says:

So cool

greenjellibean says:

You are seriously so much prettier than Jolie!!!!!

Katelyn Tucker says:

Wow! Absolutely amazing Kandee! Loved it loved it loved it!!! ❤️

yara sal says:

Where did she even get the costume from????????

elegantchanell says:


TheBeautyVaultxo says:

Yep, just watched this 5 times on repeat. Killed it!

Ydelays says:

You are amazing! You are so talented! You are beautiful!
I enjoy every single second of your videos!!!!
You inspire me so much!!!! I love you

Hollywood Glamour says:

woww You look more like Maleficent than Maleficent !! Great job 

Rick Baker says:

Thanks for the shout out.
I always enjoy your videos.

Beauty2Shoozzz says:

Love it!

Emily Bee says:

Blown away! 

Shanda G. says:

+Kandee Johnson you never cease to amaze me! Sending hugs your way!

MissSandyCandy Hair Stylist Tutorials says:

You are SO Pretty! Loved this! Your skin looked SO Amazing in this Perfect
lighting!! <3 u Kandee!

Elyse Faelnar says:

I loooovvveee uuuuuu

Jolita Brilliant says:

you are the best

ItsTiannaGuys says:

…..can u do my makeup please? LOL

Rose Moon says:

ALMOST 14000 Disney fans!

Song Moua says:

The transformation was a-ma-zing!!

Lisa Minami says:

How to look like Maleficent
Hihihihi ^_____________^

Afreen Khan says:


Elenatraduzioni says:

This is amazing!

laurenashleysexton says:

By far the best recreation :)!

kardashiians says:

This is incredible. Shows much of an art makeup is/can be.

Kamile ruzenskaite says:

Her voice is so calm and breezy. Love you kandee!

Carmen says:

Dude, one of Angelina’s makeup artist on this movie commented and thanked u
for the shout out. AWESOME!! ur the kandee

angelzhell02 says:

That’s crazy how much you look like her. That makeup Is amazing(:

Mintibabee says:

You seem so nice and i am so mad i didn’t have chance to go up to you and
take a picture at BeautyCon :(

kalesx0 says:

Haha I would wear this out ! 😛 amazing as always kandee! <3

ILoveTheLucy says:

you should do the old version too! the green one! you’re face would be
amazing! ^_^

lindamp78 says:


purplesparkzzz says:

wowwww you are really talented!