Super Fast & Affordable DIY Halloween Costumes!

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Glam Barbie says:

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Angie Huesca says:

Where can you buys the red dress for the lilo costume?

Odd Della Robbia says:

does bethany have a camera man?

vania perez says:

What about if your hair is curly

Varuni Khanna says:

every time she said “Lilo” i thought of Liam and Louis….oops?

Daphne Ann says:

wheres the red dress from?

turquoisetaco14 says:

why am i watching this in june

The time machine says:

hey guys I’m a new and i make fashion videos and these comments are
annoying i know but ill have to do this to get notice and i really hope
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Romina Bayas says:

I want to have a little stitch!!!

Wendy Rodriguez says:

I thought of Taylor Caniff when Bethany had the bandana on…

kelly nie says:

I love watching pretty little liars 

cakey guy says:

The first one is basically what I wear on a daily basis…

ochikeron says:

costume#2 is so cute 🙂 aww i wish i could go and see your billboard in

Julia González says:


DelaneySmiles says:

Hey guys! CONTEST on my channel right now! FREE GIFT! xoxo

medha arora says:

1&4&5 and yes I liked Kim Possible while growing up :D

Karringten Kinser says:

OMG!!!!! My birthday is also on Nov.7th

MDproductionSS says:

omg, kim possible haha:D

makeuparevelinu says:

Please somebody send me link to were i can get thos maroon heals from
forever21 online
Please !!!!

Gretchen Bakura says:

Now I know what im doing, Imma be red coat!

Michael Fei says:


Gretchen Bakura says:

I luve pll!!!!!

Elisa Salas says:

who is red coat ?? 

allegr costan says:

Is it strange i’m watching this in February?

Katherine Galiana says:

At 3:00 what’s the sonnnnnng called?

rhaine frittenburg says:

Is it weird that im watching Halloween videos in march?

Melanie Montalvo says:

Is she Mexican

Emily Uribe says:

Do you even know any ACDC songs Bethany?

Isabella Moreno says:

Who is red coat from pretty little liars?

Zodian Thompson says:

We have the same bday

Holly Jolly says:

Is it weird I’m watching Halloween videos in March ??

kinga syper says:

i love the last one

selena izaguirre says:

My favorite one was Kim possible.

M Beid says:

im sorry u might not like these comments but i was wondering is there any
chance u can give me a call or text or facetime its 4843630541 thank you!!

Katerina Orologa says:

2:58: What is the name of this song??? :-)

Amani Morning says:

Lol I have no idea why I’m watching this in June.

Lexi Kim says:

where did u get that red coat gloves and shoes for red coat I seriously
love that show season 4 came out on Netflix

Ruby Corona says:

kim wears sweat pants but i still adore you beth

casey canchola✌ says:


xoxLouisexox says:

you copied krazyrayray!!!!!!! 

Isabella DeGregorio says:

Are you serious!! My b-day is November 8!! semi- b-day buddies!!! ;)