Halloween Costume Idea 2014 – Homemade Costume Ideas – Adult Halloween Costume for women or men

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http://www.crazyjacket.com Halloween Costume Idea 2013 – Homemade halloween costume ideas are the way to go specially when it’s a funny halloween costume. Th…


ClearMagic211 says:

another awesome magic trick
Darcy Oake’s jaw dropping dove magic illusion | Britain’s Got Talent 2014

ClearMagic211 says:

@ninjafoot i bet you would have won. Check out this costume

Candyy Smith says:

this is easy he took to drum sticks or something and stuffed a fake hand
and moved it up and down its just the jacket he stays there the hole time

ninjafoot1000 says:

i made one of those for halloween and at the school i go to we had a
costume contest and the 2 winners in my class won 20 bucks so if i wore
that to school I’m pretty sure i would win the twenty bucks it was actually
a gift card to target they got so lucky

Tessa Cook says:

Its ezy and ai don’t even care if ai spelled something rong!

ChrisDAwgify says:

How do you do this?!??

dontdiewatching says:

Is that ned bigby