Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

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If you’re a procrastinator like us and have no clue what to be for Halloween, have no fear The Fashion Citizen is here with our second annual DIY Halloween c…


Chelsea Beckworth says:

Mary poppins was so perfect lol!!!! Very cute ideas!

Polly L says:

your ideas and costumes are awesome!

리사진 김 says:


alicedoesntwearpants says:

omg i love the khalo costume…

Danythecrazy07 says:

I love the fact that you’re not wearing tacky slutty costumes.

MyPOTofGOLD89 says:

I like you two!

Chloe Garrett says:

Love Frida!!

Charlotte Boyd says:

Steph, Where did you get your flower headdress/crown?
I love it!

Ariana Sandoval says:

Ur legs are ashy at 4:09

Crystal Moreno says:

Hahha, I love the Disney tourist.

Rusty Unicornx says:

I love all of your looks its amazing hehe especially Mel’s last look with the black dress OMG I’m in love with it *-*

yoitsafi says:

i always forget you guys are twins! lol

Jenna Brown says:

Lol like if u watched this after halloween and make sure u like this video cuz it was awesome 

Jenna Brown says:

luv this

LauraLynn Nicole says:

i love how your costumes are so unique and unlike the typical last minute costumes (cat, mermaid, ect.) my style is more artsy and i like unusual pieces so i feel like these costumes would better suit me 🙂

jolie famish says:

lovve the tourist costume =)) <3

grace hall says:

you guys are so creative 🙂

vivalaflav says:

yay frida <3

gozosa1980 says:

Mary poppins and frida khalo were done really well!!

johnnylemons240 says:

their a little exaggerated but clogs were big in the 60s

Maria Gonzalez says:

in the hippie the shoes aren’t hippie AT ALL

saysay735 says:

*starts watching*
“and we found all the pieces out of our closet”
*looks at the massive, professional-clothing-designer­-looking closet behind them*
Well, fuck.
Can someone make a last-minute idea for us mortals, please? :’D

FallGirl3 says:

Steph you should be Emily the strange! 😀

hanito294 says:

Mary poppins so cute! And audrey!

Dimetria xhearts says:

any scary ones?

Jamie Martin says:

You guys are so creative and amazing! You guys are going to go far! : )

michyluvsBnE says:

No slutty costumes yay! Love you Mel and steph. Happy Halloween

ann xgo says:


pastrylover206 says:

melissa is the cutest girl ever!

Joe anne says:

hahahah the mary poppins imitation was perfect. loved it xxx

mmichball says:

haha melissa when you try to take off with the umbrella.

gewelg says:

Super cute, funny and imaginative….lol

Jacqueline Castrillo says:

i like the tourist idea lol

letrasdebatom says:

Lovely outfits, as always!

purplepoppy07 says:

Melissa is so adorable as Mary Poppins! My favorite costume idea yet 🙂

hthtthb says:

you guys sounded like you absolutely loathed making this video, lol. But these are nice ideas.

AnneLien1987 says:

sooooo cute mary poppins is my favorite movie !!

7duffsANDaBUDlight says:

Melissa is too cute as Mary Popins

González Andrea says:


gingerglitter4ever says:


Mia Thrifts says:

Your Frida Kahlo is stunning! I love love love it!

Honeydew7396 says:

FRIDA KAHLO! I have to show my art teacher that one.

beamoomilk says:

LOL Disneyland tourist omg

amandalorian1 says:

this was refreshing… you girls dont look like hoes.great ideas!

Katy Haines says:

this was great girls 😀 i love how u guys always look so polished, and you always re-use things in your own wardrobes! loved this so much 🙂 thanks girlies x x x x x

themeaganakasmiley says:

Any candy (:

orbital151 says:

Frieda Kahlo and Mary Poppins werevthe best. Is that what you two are going as?!

YehNoMaybeIDK says:

omg i actually thought you were going to float up in the air as mary poppins D: