Cracked Doll Makeup Tutorial | clittlecosmetics

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OPEN FOR PRODUCTS USED, LINKS, AND OTHER INFORMATION!!] Hello lovelies. Halloween is almost here! I can’t believe it – it’s been crazy busy at my house, and…



I have seen all the tutorials. This one is best

sladkata13able says:

AVON test on animals

Courtney Little | MUA says:

As long as you are using a black liner/eyeshadow along with a highlight color, you should be fine 🙂

maryjoyce nicasio says:

Does the cracks also works on a not so white skin? I’m going to try it in my natural skin color. It’s Morena. I’m a Filipino 🙂

Mackenna Grasman says:

Hey I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy watching your channel. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to apply foundation/concealer/primer for every day makeup. I’m 17 and have only just recently began using liquid foundation and its not working so well for me, maybe im just bad at it haha! Thanks:)

dinomaniac567 says:

can i use a thick liquid liner i dont have a thin one haha XD

Kayla Shidaker says:

is their white face makeup that you would recommend other thanks the one your using in this video. preferably drugstore, target or walmart? just subscribed to ur channel, love it!

chymonkey3 says:

i love your eyebrows

33JCD says:

Hey, You’re really talented! My friends and I are being superheroes for Halloween and I found all your superheroes on the other chanel! You somehow managed to have all the one’s I needed minues one, any possible way you can create a Captain America Mask before Halloween?? It’d be really appreciated! But if not, That’s ok, You’re seriously talented though!!! 🙂

Courtney Little | MUA says:

Arg, I’ve been trying to find the best lighting in my house. :/

Courtney Little | MUA says:

It’s faster for me to use text 🙂 Thanks!

christalee98 says:

you have a LOT of Ben Nye stuff hahah 🙂 btw your amazing and i love watching ur videos!!

Caroline Otto says:

How come you didn’t talk in this one? Loved it regardless tho!

LizSoWhat says:

I always love your tutorials, but I’m not loving the lighting in your last few videos. It washes you out and makes it harder to see what you’re doing.

Jasmeen Natt says:

your pretty :)

smileysketches7 says:

I love this! Maybe I’ll do this for halloween, minus the completely white face. 😀

MariaWoods99 says:

Great! :-)

MermaidJassica says:

how about.. a cracked Geisha doll then?

Courtney Little | MUA says:

Haha I love that comment, so true. Thank you! 🙂

Courtney Little | MUA says:

It’s just on my other channel 🙂 courtneylittleCHOREO

superkitten211 says:


Morgan Hinds says:

did you delete the sugar skull video? i was gonna do it for halloween 🙁

mayaemogrl says:

Love it!

Cryssie64 says:

You must feel like you live in white foundation! Another great video – I love them all.

Madison Lynne says:

What An Amazing Talent You Have! I LOVE This Look!!!! <3.
Might I Add , How Pretty You Are.
You Keep The Videos Coming , And I'll Keep Watching! c:

Sara Lynn says:

You are so talented! I love your video’s. 🙂