Broken Porcelain Doll

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WezGuitarMagic’s doll look: WezGuitarMagic’s channel:…


pixidance says:

Thanks so much for this. My daughter had a lot of fun playing dress up today.

lovelydancer80 says:

Instead of clay you should use purple glue to cover the eyebrow ;p

Bonnie Lee says:

this is such an awesome costume idea! this is what I am going as definitly.

madpenguinina says:

Ps can u use face paint instead of cosmetic clay ??

Anna Jones says:

Magnificent she is an artist

Keilia Hoshi says:

Wow! I love this.

Ruth Theo DZ says:

Who’s porcelain

Ellice Marsh says:

Deffo doing this for Halloween lol I have it all planned out …

TheGargamel97 says:

I did it for my school’s carnival celebration and I got a lot of compliments; it just looks awesome ! Thank you so much for the tutorial 🙂

alexandra May says:

Wow it looks cool 🙂

Samantha Timlin says:

May I please put a link on my blog back yo this video? xxx

Alayna Khan says:

Creapy -.-

PaonDeRose says:

Fantastic <3

Lexigirl0798 says:

This the best broken doll I’ve seen I totally changed my costume the night before Halloween because of this its so amazing!!!!!

AmyAndTheRestOfItAll says:

Okay guess what I’m going to be doing for several hours tonight till I get it right…

Merryn Kleider says:

I love this! I used it for a photo project!

Damdiea says:

thanks for this so stealing it for halloween! 

Lu Galletti says:

I Love your tutorial…. totally stealing it for tomorrow!!!

khivan99 says:

Im doing this for Hallween 😀

pandamayeux says:

This is a beautiful version od a beoken doll theme. The best ive seen! 😀

xxJonaxx10 says:

im doing this for halloween XD

Haleigh Kloetzli says:

This is the best doll makeup tutorial I’ve ever seen!

Kelly M says:

This is just so cool! 😀

owlsrcute1 says:

i decided that i would be this in august after i watched this video I love u loepsie

Starlight1986 says:

Did you use upper lashes on your lower lashline? I sooooo wanna try this for halloween this year. =) What do you think, how much should I practice before halloween to get it right?

Lizzie Curtis says:

very cool!

lissyirishdancer18 says:

OMG THANK YOU! I did this today and it looks AWESOME!

Lefantomeducinema says:

Very pretty !

bukermom says:

i LOVE 0:18

GottinPorzellanpuppe says:

Peeeerfeita ameeeei de verdade *-*

MarinaMaxwellYuy says:

You’re such an artist!

emmahzification says:

i find having sharp or jagged edges, like a triangle sticking out, makes the shadows more realisyic for whatever reason

emmahzification says:

this actually wasnt too difficult, but a glue stick is much better than the clay, amd cheaper

Ginger Castro says:

I love your tutorials, this one especially! Thanks for giving me an awesome idea for Halloween this year! Love the music you have in here too!

guyonne1986 says:

Te vet!!

ChocolateYmke says:

This is amazing!