Bride of Chucky Makeup Tutorial

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OPEN ME!!! I hope y’all enjoyed my first halloween tutorial of the season 🙂 if you have any more suggestions on characters/costumes you’d like to see, p…


Haylee Love says:

Your “presence” is really annoying.

jess harvey says:

seriously will you do my makeup? lol I can never look right!
and I love your hair, this is what I wanted done and every one fucked it up….

Jade Jacobs says:

Your “laugh” is really annoying.

Jessie H says:

U do Look like her

Latoya Ordone says:

love the look but you forgot the mole and tooooo much eye lash glue

Bella Phoenix says:

Fantastic job

Georgie Gurl says:

i love ur nails! Where did u get them?

Mia Elizabeth says:

Is that your natural eye color or contacts? Either way, gorgeous.<3

Tiffany Egan says:


iwishiwasafish12 says:

Oh my gosh you are soooo naturally gorgeous!!! Love your videos!!!

lucy grace says:

I love you trish but how can you function with those nails? Xxx

Leigh Perry says:

Your missing the mole and the dimples

ashley billinger says:

Where is the Momo

DurhamDoesMakeup says:

look exactly like the doll… love youuuuu

irenecastillo1095 says:

Im so sorry what I said but you still didnt look like tiffany but you tried your best forgive me

Julia Z says:

this is a perfect costume for you! really pretty:)

Diksha lamgade says:

It’s a beauty mark, actually.

Emily Serafin says:

Its a fucking beauty mark!

Jason Costa says:

Where is the mole

Irene Lara says:

wheres the mole

breeonna52 says:

She forgot the mole

ChisanaKuma says:

You mean freckle? And it’s not even a freckle. That was a mole.

zohar elharar says:

your amazing good job ♥

Orangekittycat1 says:

She did the best she can! Deal with it! She is gorgeous!

you tubi says:

Nie lubię tej dziewczyny, jest pusta, głupia i jej wyraz twarzy jest zawsze wulgarny.

froggy6660 says:

its called a freakle honey

irenecastillo1095 says:

You dont look like tiffany bride of chucky and I watch a bride of chucky tutorial video she look exacaly like her you dont

Valerie Salinas says:

Omg sooo jelly that u can pull the black lipstick off lol very cute look, love it

AngelLoveGeronimo says:


Christine Davila says:

Yes she forgot the mole big whoop, relax ppl. If you choose to do this look jus add it yourself everything will be fine alright.

lucy salazar says:

It’s amazing, I absolutely love it but ur missing something, ur missing that mole above her lip.