Outerspace and Army Girl Halloween Costume Ideas!!

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Dylan Schoenfield says:

I was crying from laughing at the bloopers!

Alexis Ardolino says:

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TheSumaiya16 says:

June 12th 2013!!!

troy manansala says:

I am watching in 2013

Ashley Diaz says:

MAY 31:)

WeLOVEMerebear says:

You are so creative and introverted I wish I could be this stylish.

emmalicious989 says:

oh my god baby mere 🙂

Blondie092697 says:

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Tracie M says:

Loved the alien costume! Also loved the room tour that you did! You are so pretty! Thx so much !

xMeesaxRAWR says:

Lol his friend is cute, must have been awkward cuz u were dressed like an alien. XD

andreasantiago52 says:

I like the army

BambiLovexx says:

defientey agreed xx

SabrinaBella36 says:

agreed! haha

PepijKuucinja says:

Haha, your brother and his friend is so cool!

Elizabeth Raybould says:

them boys that came out of the house were hot i meam hot hot.

Aida PerryFuentesPerciadoQuinn says:

3:54 awkard..we should probabily….just go just go.. hahah:D

katelyn brown says:

Lol this is such a good vid!

Moayer Lorraine says:

Your brothers *.*

Erin Castle says:

The second guy who came out of the door is really hot!!! I think I’m in love!! JK

yourbeautybaby says:

I know your twins but still you and your brother look soooo alike! woah! and love the costumes 🙂

alovesherdoggie says:

Ahh, I went back looking at old random halloween tutorials, and somehow I guess I missed this one last year. So I just watched it now, and yeah, I finally saw your brother! lol

XxSharmsxX says:

omg you guys look so alike! 😀

Tiffany Lo says:


maygirl559 says:

bloopies are perfect! lol. “awkward..”

2298DJ says:

omg finally saw your brother! he looks a lot like youu hahaha

Camila Arcadia says:

YES! i saw your brother!! i love the 2nd costume!

skarlett lopez says:

The second quy who came out of the door is really cute(;

vicky89803 says:

Your brother reminds me of Jermey Sumpter ( Peter pan guy) same eyes. P.s. I love your eyes lucky I have normal dark brown eyes 🙁

Mariah Khan says:

u r soo cute!

Skylar Sykes says:

I totally agree!!!!!

Skylar Sykes says:

Can i have your brothers friends number? 😉

225Shopper says:

which one is her brother?

Marie Winter says:

ur brothers friend is H.O.T!!! Who agrees??!!!

Quinn kg says:

oh my god. you look so much alike.

maliaiskraykray says:


love125418 says:

Both costumes were so cute! You can totally work both of those costumes off! And that seemed like an awkward moment when your brother came out ha but u both have pretty eyes

Gabriëlle Hermeler says:

The second costume is not really a costume except for the headband. But you did look cute tough. 😛

bethmere1d says:

he is the one with short hair twins duhhh

bethmere1d says:

i love the bloopers

cheerislife991 says:

youuuuuuuuuuuuuuur brother!! loll

forever21lover123 says:

Haha I stared laughing when her brother was In the video poor mere 🙂