Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (part 2 of 2)

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Ana Saavedra says:

I Love the cupcake

xoxofalloutboyxoxo24 says:

I love Lords Of Dog Town such a good movie!

Aananya Daniel says:

thank you! i had this party to go to my friends dragged me and i had nnothing to wear! this really helps

heartsandhauls says:

steve madden! 

BabyDoesBeauty says:

when I first saw the mermaid one and you tugged at the nude stuff on your stomach I was like WHY IS YOUR SKIN SO STRETCHY and then I realized

xoxolola4 says:

where are your sandals from?! so cute!

meghanl0ves says:

I couldn’t stop staring at the dog at 3:53 SO CUTE

meghan557 says:

i have a frenchie and an english bulldog and everyone says they always look upset lol , thats just their faces !

Emily xo says:

Your dog is awesome

kkelseyponte says:

i love the mermaid one <3

heartsandhauls says:

he’s a frenchie! that’s how he always looks!

AConMann says:

omg……… that dog looks so sad

makeupbyjenn9 says:

Omg!! Your dogs costume is adorable!

ConverseLove96 says:

The mermaid costume is such a cute idea!!

Antonella Rodriguez says:

Omg your dog. So freaking cute

erinpoo1012345 says:

so cute!!!