Vampire series: Gothic/Vampiric make up look for school tutorial by Delyria

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My website: My Facebook fanpage: website: My Facebook fanpage: This request was made by morningstar13d. Hope you like the video! NOTE: In Sweden you can wear what ever you want in clothes and makeup, so if your school thinks otherwise, then you maybe really have to tone this look down. But I think you understand that yourself. (and as I said in the video, this is how I like to wear it, you don’t have to do it like this) Products used: -Face- Dream Matte Mousse foundation in Ivory Dream Matte Mousse concealer IsaDora perfect loose powder in Velvet transparent -Eyebrows- Coastal scents gel liner in True black -Eyes- UDPP 120 palette HOT makeup palette Stargazer black eyeshadow Lumene Arctic duet in Winterheart Coastal scents gel liner in True black IsaDora Colormatic eye pen in black MaXFactor False lash effect mascara -Lips- Gallery cosmetics lipstick in Shimmering coffee


Ashiet Moodstrad says:

where did you get your 120 pallete?

MilowOne says:

How did you make your eyebrows ? Love it !

FranceRoseDGAF says:

I just found this video and i definitive gonna wear this look for new year’s eve. Is awesome!!!

TheSlothmuffins says:

Oh, awesome! I might have to get my hands on one of those. Thank you!

Heartsofnight says:

Omg2!! Delyria, Could u pls do a Masquerade prom makeup tutorial cos my prom is coming up in another week and my dress is dark purple and my mask has a mix of royal purple and gold patterns on it. Pls do a tutorial. Not knowing what to do for makeup is scaring me.I’ve watched many makeup tutorials but all of the colour scheme don’t match what I’m going to wear for prom. Pretty pls?!! ^_^

Heartsofnight says:

No sweat. I really don’t like all the other makeup gurus who aren’t goth and try to do goth makeup cos theirs always turn out messy. :/

DelyriaPhoto says:

Thanks ^^,

DelyriaPhoto says:

It’s a Beauties Factory 120 palette =]

DelyriaPhoto says:

ebay =]

DelyriaPhoto says:

Aw ^^, thanks!

DelyriaPhoto says:

No problem!

DelyriaPhoto says:

Aw.. thanks ^^,

DelyriaPhoto says:

Hmm.. I can try it out =]

amalia hardzone says:

i love you eyebrows!

TheSlothmuffins says:

Looks like the Mac palette my roommate has.

Funnties Castro says:

Where did you buy your palette?

Rebecca Lynn says:

I’m so jelly.. I love ur hair lol

saddy82 says:

thanks, i was looking for a vamp make up look for halloween

Heartsofnight says:

OMG.Finally I found someone who does the BEST goth makeup ever! Thanks! O.O ^.^

TREEZ20 says:

Can you show me how to do a wicked dorothy from the wizard of oz plz

DelyriaPhoto says:


DelyriaPhoto says:

Aww ^^, so cute! Thanks!!

DelyriaPhoto says:

I understand that =O

DelyriaPhoto says:

Thank you =]

DelyriaPhoto says:


DelyriaPhoto says:

Aww ;O that sucks!
But that sounds good =D
Thank you!

DelyriaPhoto says:

I don’t know =O

InevitableLost says:

So do I! I think dark makeup always looks the best. :)

WhataWeirdKid says:


Jay Montgomery says:

All bow down to the mighty Delyria and all her amazing badassness!!

lavigne777619 says:

i love dark makeup… except when i have gym… o-o

kadasjah roberts says:

You’re so pretty I love your eyebrows


Omg u r soo pretty