Twilight New Moon “Jane” Vampire Makeup Tutorial

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A Twilight New Moon make-up tutorial. Sean Conklin, Make-Up Designory’s Los Angeles Store Manager, recreates the dramatic look of Dakota Fanning’s new character from the saga, a Volturi Vampire named Jane and shows you exactly how to do it yourself using MUD cosmetics.This is a great look for halloween. For more information about the products and techniques in this video, visit our blog:


Ihaba S says:

GREAAATTT <3 <3 <3

Melissa Patterson says:


Delaney Hicks says:

great job u r soo good and @ a young age 2!!!!!!

mama mea says:

i also wanna see you do video about Bella Swan: Vampire make up tutorial, thanks! 😀

terniche fella says:

love Twilight

nelivioletzal3837 says:

what school did he go to he is so amazing checkbout my videos please!!!

ashy lee says:

She really looks like Jane! 101/100 !!

SecureLove says:

i wish to do this one day…become a kick ass makeup artist

crymar09 says:


GhoulsRuleMH says:

She looks like Jane for real

savagess97 says:

Its funny how the movie did the makeup horrible but you didn’t.

Michiko Seyama says:

Awesomw vid

Janette, Chung Ling Chan says:

she looks like JANE

mickferrari50 says:

I’ve been 2 Transylvania coz im a quarter Romania

OpheliaDeubreux says:

I actually have this pale skin, I always have to use the lightest foundation so how go lighter?

mscherrycool1 says:

She has BEAUTIFUL eyes! This is the best one I’ve seen yet! Keep them coming!

homicideXinside says:

Beautiful. <3

prshanita says:


Hannah Donnellan says:

5:10 and 5:13

MuMulen100 says:

Well, feel free to be jealous, but my videos load FASTER when they are in HQ…


or you just get bitten

Marcy kaulitz says:

😮 imma be a vampire for halloween this year. 😉

ellesquelledesqueed says:

That girl smokes.

rickyhope95 says:

Wow I love the eyes!

TheKanyarin says:

this is my everyday look haha

Dani Verastegui says:

Love it!!!

Dani Verastegui says:

Love it!!!

candykiller2000 says:


Madeline Mead says:

hahaha, me too

MaiseySydd says:

Where are these products from??

bethypaige2000 says:

She looks like a female Niall Horan xD

ScarletVampRed says:

fantastic!!! I’ve been looking for a twilight vamp look but all the other vids I’ve looked at do the face too pale, thanx a million!!

MyMercedes97 says:

You always are very good with the sterilizing tips thank you for that. What about the lip and eye liner pencils?

Alice Cold says:

She look just like Jane!!!!! Good job!!!!

Alice Cold says:

You look just like Jane!!!!! Good job!!!!

skellingtonMCR says:

For the english final, my group is gonna perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet, and it’s gonna be vampires (Capulets) vs. werewolves (Montagues). I think I’m gonna use this for the play.

Ellen Duguid says:

sean has braces,( i think) cutie!

TheLilyFlowers7 says:

Great!! Perfect for going out, for going to disco 🙂 i mean good discos from the dark scene with good music

Eva Swanson says:

I love your braces! And i mean it! 🙂

bobbie scanlon says:

she looks nicer with makeup

Eveline De Wolf says:

Her face is just like the real ”Jane”!:)

TheGothbbw says:


Jacqueline Castrillo says:

vampires dont sweat.. lol that was funny

Liana Styles says:

This is honestly the best make-up tutorial that actually looks like Jane’s! Thanks so much!

MoniqueZiegler says:

Very helpful! Learned a lot of new tips! 😀

FateDelamorte says:

She looks fantastic! Nicely done.

ShihBlood says:

Do you guys have distributors in South East Asia? Specifically in the Philippines.

thenextavril says:

OMG! your’e amazing! She looks just like Dakota F. !!!! Like WOW! O_O :]

TheNextAvrilLavigne says:

The one in manhattan though