“Immortal love” /Vampire Make up

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This was inspired by the Make up the Women in the Music Video Immortal love, by Vampires Everywhere! wears in the end of the video (: I used, a Rusty Red eye shadow,Black Eye shadow, Black Eyeliner, and Mascara ! Music by Vampires Everywhere ! I hope you liked this look(: i did and Check out Vampires Everywhere if you havent already, they are the Next big thing in Music


SciFiLOLproductions says:

You’re probably one of the most beautiful girls ever! Love the way you smile at the end w/ the vampire teeth.

jessij88 says:

Awesome tutorial,going try it for halloween 😀

Marissa Clements says:

so, if i dont have a red, could i use a difrent colour, such as… pink? or a darker red/purple colour?

ImaSGTCfreak says:

Amazing job 🙂 I might do my makeup like that for warped.

valeriawthmoment says:

It was really good looks a lot like the girls in the video I just wish that you would write on screen what u were doing like” apply eyeshadow all over the he and then line your eyes and stuff still amazing tho 🙂

Dahiana Hernandez says:

Ilove it!!!! <3
thank u for da tutorial vid!!
u're amazing!!!

NicoleMarieeablee says:

I LOVE VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! you did an amazing job! love it!

TokioHotelChick1989 says:

Awhh thank you so much 😀

TokioHotelChick1989 says:

Its actually not a Pink, its more of a red brown color, if you watch the music video and see it more and look at the picture better its not a pink color, its more redish brown. (: so what i used is the closest i had at the time i made this video.

ducktapeluverful says:

can u do it in pink cause that was the real color in the picture but dont take this as an insult

RoseofVelvetBlack says:

ya whatever works right? lol

TokioHotelChick1989 says:

Congrats! Thats totally awesome! when i did this video i was limited to the colors i had, so i just used what i had and tried blending and mixing colors to get the closest as possible to what i needed . Im happy yours turned out well ! (:

RoseofVelvetBlack says:

I ended up using what yu did in this tutorial, i used a lighter shade of rusty red, it came out different than what yu did but I still looked like a vampire haha it was awesome (:

TokioHotelChick1989 says:


unbridledvirgin says:

teenage gurl what hell u were thinking about!!

WiccidKaye says:

unfortunately, I don’t have Rusty Red eyeshadow, but I can make due with Vampire Red >:D

BabyDollMonique says:

So cool that we both like tokio hotel! Lol keep rocking girl, looking amazing! :) oxox

parajunkie1 says:

Thx so much… I’ll wait till Halloween then, thx again 🙂

TokioHotelChick1989 says:

Halloween store that comes around every halloween called Spirit . But I know Hot Topic Also carries them. I forgot the name , maybe Scarcrow ?. But they come in a small coffin case(:
Sorry i couldnt be more helpful. But they are custom, they come with a glue like stuff where you can mold them to your teeth shape so you can wear them as many times as you want and they fit perfectly over your teeth.

parajunkie1 says:

haha i was about to do a tutorial about that… btw where did u get the vampire teeth

skylynnfields says:

I think it would look better in purple

sania raza says:

luk iz amazing n awesum blend of song wid tutorial

UnderTheLilyShadow says:

I really like this look, and you are purrrdy! 😀

TokioHotelChick1989 says:

Awhhh hahahaha your comment made me LAUGH! thank you (:

JMarie Flanegin says:


Dayna Stout says:

ha! black veil brides are awsome too! i dont think anyone is mad!

cookiefuss1124 says:

no problem 🙂 btw love the fangs (//,..,^)

TokioHotelChick1989 says:

Thank you !! 😀

cookiefuss1124 says:

and i love vampires everywhere to 😉 haha

cookiefuss1124 says:

haha you do the vampire look realy good (//,..,^) awsome job!

Tyler Chula says:

would you do a video how you would have it for a guy i really like the way it looks plzzz(//_^)

RoseofVelvetBlack says:

awesome, thanks(: ill have to check that out 😛

RoseofVelvetBlack says:

okay thank yu, and thats the eye shadow that i use, the only bad thing about it is that it gives a lot of fallout. but i ends up lookin good 😛