Halloween Makeup : Vampire Makeup Tutorial

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wesam adawi says:

wooooooooow i like that

Mercedes Hird says:

it looks awesome

spaulddingg says:

tell me that the track is in the video? pleeeeassseeeee

Edwin Rosales says:

It looks realalistic

marcellaj941 says:

It had a lot of blood,I lord it

marychelonails says:

TAmbien me gustaron tus uñas ¿Tienes tutorial de tus uñas ?

Matildefa says:


Walt Fechter says:

I don’t know about the contact lenses. Anyway, a cute vampire. I wonder what my relatives in Bucharest would think?

Summer Jewel says:

Normally it tastes hideous :/

zainabc1 says:

I had those fang tip dont apply over the sink

S.Fırat Mutlu says:

@htcguxo d definitely is right. who can believe it even you showed this. Listen to this, my step mom used to receive an amount every month for taking some tests and surfing web. if you wanna try just try now -> bit.ly/XPxoHR?=tkhouyn

weaponcultery says:

i could sooo do this look i have whiteouts

IMjessi says:

music too loud.

sarah frey says:

lol after she put the white facepaint on i was looking in the mirror like yeaaah thats my natural skin tone :L

1998Genesiis says:

Does the blood in the teeth taste good”?!?

Angelica Buitrago Ardila says:

Very good and easy!

MiniPinkSamsung says:

starting O_O’

Sarah Ferreira says:

What is the name of the song?

TheDerya670 says:

:O dunt get it -______-

MissCutieCrystal says:

Love it! Is there a cheaper pair of fangs that still look realistic?

Gattina Lulù says:

very very  vamp look !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toffe Crumble says:

omfg the begging i was shitting myself

lynniah tuttle says:

omg i love vampires

Cyberia3716 says:

Wow fantastic make-up ..but you are very pretty naturally as well 🙂 thanks for posting ..luvin the contacts! This really changed the way you look from natural look to with the makeup

cherrystars99 says:

awesome im doing this for halloween

Shadowfallanimations says:

1:07 to skip to the video…

frankbruno521 says:

i love  ur vids

TheBrutalMary says:

the name of music?

frankbruno521 says:

ur so pretty

Yalanie Melendez says:

Hi how are u an u love all ur better videos

frankbruno52 says:

I just did this. I turned out like u

love angle says:

dang you good i will come over so you can do it for me right haha

XxAlexisxX1029 says:

awesome video! When im old enough to get contacts I will buy those first….I have greenish blueish eyes

XxAlexisxX1029 says:

@cardwellkk maybe your fucked up! jelous much!?

hyppoize says:

best vampire look ever.

PrDrNeNa says:

ur vampire teeth wont turn red if u drink red liquids or anything

jazzyskittlez says:

i like your cheek bones e.e lol

itsgabbyhoe says:

I laughed at the seriousness at the beginning xD

MrAwesomefrankie says:

I thought i was watching porn when the video first started.

iloveamelia09 says:

Where did you get your contacts from and how much were they??

hrwilliams081 says:

in stead of purple just wear gray

kirbys100 says:

Hi @JennisseMakeup !!! You’re very sexy as a vampire, I wanna smell your seductive breath, and feel your fangs in my neck ;) kisses (K)

kevin cardwell says:

Whats with the fucking eyes, real vampires dont have fucked up eyes! Remember my youtube name!!!!!

vampyr66678 says:

I use the same kontakts i like it

albikamika says:

no e entendido nada pero la chica a quedado fantastica ¡¡¡¡