Gothic Vampire Makeup Tutorial

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This is just my take on a Halloween vampire look. It’s very fancy-dress and not really how I imagine vampires to look (think Interview with a Vampire and Vampire Diaries), but I feel like this kind of sexy, Gothic look is going to be more useful and wearable. Music: Welsh Ghost Story – Bryan Franz ( Eyes: Urban Decay Book of Shadows III – NYC (Last Call/Rockstar/Uzi/Perversion) Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush Sigma E25 Blending Brush Sigma E30 Pencil Brush MAC 231 Small Shader Brush MUA Extreme Felt Liner (Black) Bourjois Black Eyeliner Eyelashes: Eldora Lashes (Dark Synthesis – B160) + Duo Lash Adhesive Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara Ultra Black Lips: MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil (Jet Black) Sleek Lipstick (Mulberry) Face: Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturiser GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation (1W1 Bone) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NC15) MAC Studio Fix Concealer (NC15) L’Oréal True Match Powder (Golden Beige) elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (Matte Bronze) You can buy the brushes I use in every video here: (This is an affiliate link.) Links: Tumblr: Twitter Facebook: Instagram: Beautylish: Camera: Lumix G2


Itzel Neko says:

freikin awesome video!!!!!

lolgirl101ify says:

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YouInTheDark16 says:


rebecca rba says:

Wow your really good, including your other videos, keep it up!

xochanelegance says:

Hey, beauties!!!

It would mean the WORLD to me if you checked out my channel and hit the subscribe button!

I put all of my heart into my videos and they will sure make you smile!!! :))))

Thank you and love you much!!!! <3333

Skyelove23 says:

Hey Emma! Great Look, Great Inspiration! I Really like the eyes, but i would have taken a Bit lighter lipstick or pencil Color! But Really Great! Greets from Germany

RainbowNerds103 says:

Where did you get the fangs?

Ann Corinth says:

I love this look 🙂

Prima Thapa says:

how you remain to stay beautiful with blood dripping down your lips is a mystery…

FascinatedWVampires says:

This one is just AWESOME!

msteamedward4eva says:

can you please do Belle from Beauty and the Beast

kiersten pedersen says:

U r very talented

nvturner says:

Great use of color

The23788 says:

you are beautiful girl!!!!nice 🙂

Averil Chan says:

You made it look so easy! I am in awe!

blingding12is says:

You make great professionell male ups in a very short video,thats really amazing

nailsartgelandmore says:

You are sooooo beautiful!i wsh I had your eyes!

Ann Hughes says:

VampFangsdotcom has some really nice ones

mrscupcakie says:

what kind of lighting do you use? ( i need this lighting in my makeup room) you look photoshopped .. not a bad thing 🙂

DEGProductionz says:

you are beautiful! love your accent!

LoveFTorres says:

Your eyes are like… so beautiful *_*

Dando0o0o0sha says:

She looks like jesse j :p and omg het eyes! ! I want them !!:( I have boring brown .. its really rare for people to have colored eyes fo where I from ;p

thebestoffriends100 says:

where did you get the blood from??

ClubPenguinBlussie says:

OMG YOUR LASHES! :O I love them! You are so awesome!

theamazingash001 says:

man, wish i was as pretty as you..

AmazonSkyWarrior says:

Such beautiful eyes. <3

TheMissMonster10x says:

where did you get the teeth?

KookieMonsterr72 says:

What About The Teeth?

BrunettewithBeardies says:

Def doing this for halloween next year!

XxTheSacrificexX says:

O-O… Oh my god you’re beautiful.

rayane dark says:

ficou perfeito

mekomii says:

I actually sign on to my account just to subscribe to you! Lol. Good work

rayoku2 says:

Dat accent.

Rich McKinnon says:

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MaRin34lyf says:

Thumbs up if you’re a guy and you’re watching this!

MakeupwithJah says:

what program do you use to edit your videos 🙂

breebree984 says:

her accent… so cuteee!!!

Hyperbutterfly1990 says:

You are perfect…….just simply stunning my god…

xXSKyDragonXx says:

i’m seriouslly now in love with this woman if you see a half asian black GUY purposing to you please say yes or Run as fast as you can because i will not take no for an answer and my heart will shatter into hundreds of pieces ^^ take care ms pickles

Andrew James says:

where did you get the vampire teeth i am dieing for vampire teeth please reply i am dieing:(

King Leonidas says:


Annie R says:

I was wondering if you could show us your foundation, and concealer routine? It looks so natural!

ladytronix89 says:

You are absoutely stunning. Great tutorial for a sexy goth type look, I love this tutorial because I actually have these shades. I’m curious to find out how last call will look with my brown eyes.

23videostar says:

Excellent ! You look a bit like Jessie J !