Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

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A few Halloween costumes that can be put together with what’s in your closet… and maybe from your mom’s closet… and borrowing a little bit from your dad’s closet… and your sister’s… and your neighbors…


Cassiopeian4eva says:

“Now your ready to be mocked by all the countries you visit” LOL 😀

hamster lovin says:

Your really pretty

king bussie says:

Thank you so much, you helped my sister A LOT with these costumes!!!! You have to make another video like this next halloween!!! 😉

hanniganut says:

is your cat in a lion cut? it looks adorable :3

Celeyrodrie says:

She’s so creative!

throwbackgirl says:

you should be Rapunzel in Disney World.

Mae Krell says:

wow youre so pretty

Rgraham5616 says:

ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

fleetfeet1000 says:

I thought your cat was a monkey

DaniFashionLol says:

lol i would say “your adorable!” but we’re the same age hahaha

Brooke-Lynn Christian says:

Oh, sorry. I meant to say I didn’t think it was bad if she sounded like Miranda somewhere in that comment. lol I was busy trying to remember Anna’s whole name 🙂

DaniFashionLol says:

omg yeahhh ur right! lol its not a bad thing tho if she sounds like miranda haha

Brooke-Lynn Christian says:

No she doesn’t -__-
If any celeb. she sounds more like Anna Sophia Robb than she does Miranda cosgrove.

DRajtify says:

You should be a zombie for Halloween because you’re drop dead gorgeous. BA DUM TSHH

IUmiChan says:

You are 14???????? Your so beautiful!! ^ o ^

natysaurus says:

love the idea on the suspenders

SelenaLovesYou27 says:

Yeah buddy I feel manly ! ! !

DaniFashionLol says:

omg you sound just like miranda cosgrove

dauide85 says:

I think I love you…

Lindsey Hunt says:

I Love Them All. Defiantly Subscribing :))

IceInMySnowCone says:

Steampunk Lumberjack >:D mwahaha. XD

brobrigirl says:

Ooommmmggg I love the lumberjack one, soooooo cute!!!!!!

Gaby G says:

I love when you say, lumberjacks dont really have googles but they look cool!!

TheSkyHazCloudz says:

The female boxer one was crafty! All are really well done! That was so smart to use the dog leash! 🙂

hieveryone9872 says:

I love the first one 🙂

Savvysex Tips says:

You can find heaps of inexpensive, super sexy, halloween costumes as savvy-sex-tips(

So much variety it’s exciting!

soccerrules5000 says:

You have to do this again this year!!!!!

katiek937 says:

My favourite was the tourist and lumberjack

webkinzstripe says:

i absolutely positively LOVE your videos so much! My friend told me about you and how awesome you were and i’ve watched like all your videos in one day..:)

ItsKaylaa498 says:

you are one of the prettiest people i’ve ever seen(: