DIY Easy Crayon Halloween Costume!

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Sorry for the late posting, better late than never! Super easy && inexpensive halloween costume idea- go by yourself and dress up as a group! See color name ideas, the makeup products I’m wearing && a full list of supplies in my blog post: My last Halloween DIY Costume: Click here to subscribe to my blog so you never miss a post! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: CarlyCristman POSE: MY 2ND CHANNEL: LOOKBOOK: BLOGLOVIN:


OmgRawrify says:

its already November in Australia XD

JoyAngelica Chan says:

You should check this out the song Crayon by G-Dragon, a korean rapper.

It’s not your type of music, but it certainly fits getting your cray on 🙂

curleekat1234 says:

So cute!

MelanieMonroee says:

I wish i would have seen before i spent $40 . lol

Amber Back says:

Great idea! I wouldn’t look good in a stretchy tube dress. but if you can find an inexpensive dress that fits you well you could always paint that too!

n6370225 says:

For those commenting that Carly’s DIYs are slutty, if she created anything more advanced than a tube dress 95% of us wouldn’t have a hope in hell of copying it. Carly is catering for beginner seamstresses within a 5-10min time frame. What more do you expect?

stacievelyn says:

And then the hipster shows up as “burnt sienna”

TheAlliDream says:


dadasummer says:

Is this actually referring to g-dragon’s crayon??

Glenda Siagian says:

this DIY so cute ;)

astaliini says:

I love that Carly makes her videos so short and to the point, there’s no weird rambly stuff in between.

JustAdd Love says:

Aawwww too cute! It would be adorable to go with a group of friends as a box of crayons ^_^

mikan chriss says:

get ur crayon!!!!!!

CocoaFix says:


CocoaFix says:

looks like an 80s inspired look, too! cute

0hmyblog says:

There’s actually a K-pop song by GD called that it’s so amazing!!

HassNanaTweet says:

Cray On!!

danoh131 says:


kayla220220 says:

i love u
you go as such cute things for halloweens first a Tiffany box now a crayon lol

AndleebZ says:

So creative! Thebazaar.bigcartel.(take out)com

rawglowkristina says:

Great idea. Very creative.

MsYea98 says:

too late!!!

BeautieCandy says:

This is soooo cute! Too bad Halloween’s tomorrow, no time left to make this 🙁

MixxelPixxel says:

So cute and simple! I love these kind of costumes.

YourFavouriteDoll says:

Slutty crayon! Havent seen it…

midnightjune says:

It could work… just add white sleeves and make it a bit more “flowy” with more solid fabric (not stretchy). Then it’s more flattering. This stretchy fabric sleeveless dress wouldn’t look too flattering on an average body– thicker fabric and more flowy would help.

pigglycow says:

This would be super cute to do with a group of friends !

misaki52008 says:

super cute!

lynlee23 says:

you are so rude! honestly it’s people like you that are making this world hard for young adults to live in. sort your shit out.

kittyklaw6 says:

have you actually seen the music video? CRAYON by G-Dragon?

ImMo1256 says:

and i know plenty of people in their twenties that dress up.

ImMo1256 says:

There are many plus size girls that would still wear it though. Again, my only point was.. she wasn’t trying to make a costume that was flattering for everyone. she was making a video that was something simple that someone could make. if a plus size girl wanted to make it out of the exact same fabric and have it as short as she has it.. more power to her.

Makupbybrooke says:

Love it!

VanchicOrganization says:

super cute! crayon!!
I have a Ferragamo, Tiffany & Co and Escada giveaway on my channel! I have like no subscribers, so come on over!

ImMo1256 says:

well since you decided that i was somehow wrong…
you could use the same fabric… but either make it longer, or don’t pull it as tight. You’re watching a how to video made by a girl who is probably 5’11 and not over 125 lbs… If you’re wanting to see a video for a “plus size” girl, watch a video BY a plus size girl. easy as that.. i’ve seen some comments in response to yours, and mine was no where near as rude.

Whereswaldoxx says:

robins egg blue! Like tiffany boxes, haha.

najlaa03 says:

I’m loving these sewing DIY’s!! Can’t wait to see more 😀

MaddyKayyy says:

well yeah crayons are tall and skinny so a fat crayon wouldnt really look right…maybe you can be a jumbo sharpie

JonasBrosForEver2 says:


Erika Fuentes says:

Cause I had all that shit laying around my house the day before Halloween …..