16 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas in 90 Seconds

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Why buy when you can DIY? In this video, our editor Lauren Lumsden shows you sixteen great last-minute costume ideas that won’t require you to elbow through a crowded shop.


joserules1221 says:

90 seconds yet the video is 1:40

KenyaAbigail says:

How do you make the headband?

ihatekaylaaj says:


barbiebeautystyles says:

I laughed so hard at the shark week! <3

vanessanjohnny4ever says:

No…just…no. T_T……

vleeb1027 says:

Love shark week and lone shark! 🙂

TheOwlsrcool says:

Love this video x3

candicimo1 says:

Keyboard cat caught me off guard

CodieBear1 says:

I love shark week but since I can’t get 6 more people, i’m being safari xD

myboybieberrox says:

i’ll do it with u 😀 XD

3dmovie1 says:

Shark week

CodieBear1 says:

XDDDD Shark Week

nickcolts2 says:

do shark week this year !!!!

omqitsamizzle says:

Really Creative!! (x

yoyohaness says:

oh man, i need six other people to do shark week with me!

Bailey Nicole says:

These are cool, I’ve been trying to convince my sister to do a DIY costume instead of spending 20-40$ on a costume but she still insists on it…lame!! Lo

prettyinpunk666 says:

Shark week was the best, too bad halloween is over.

PopcornTuesdays says:

soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!