10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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10 last minute Halloween costume ideas! What will I dress as this Halloween? Please subscribe so you know when I put new videos up 🙂 ———————————————————————— Follow me at: Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com


lovinlifelovinbacon says:

I went to a halloween party on saturday and went as wheres wilma, people liked it

TheLilGirlll says:

The dog’s your toy :DDDD

Betty Reed says:

I wanna see you in your Haloween outfits on your T-Shirt! Go as a horny devil! xxx

pjavery80 says:

just…..wear…..stuff…. lmao

BillyBobThe8th says:

im gonna be lazy and just get cat ears and draw whiskers on my face

hyper8marika says:

Go as the identity crisis! That would be so funny! 🙂

TheNostalgiaJunkie says:


LucyNickeasIsMyName says:

im not going, its to boring…

charith perera says:

Ohhh we dont hv hallown here in sri lanka. Pity

horsecrazyfd says:

im gonna go as a goth tonight! i cant wait, im in england so its tonight!!!!

Danica Anamourlis says:

and England!

3PinkGrenade3 says:

I went as a cheerleader

Kristine Ross says:

You should put I <3 awesome alanna on the shirt but change the heart to a pixellated face of you

shayden998 says:

I’d go as an Identity crisis

Kristine Ross says:

its been a long time since you posted a new video !! so exciting !

scarlet1379 says:

Im going as the girl who got killed in her sleep!! backcombing my hair, wearing my onsie, fake blood…. the whole lot

purpleglitter99 says:

I just got back from trick or treating with my friend and we got lost! Haha

JustAdd Love says:

A hippie ^_^ You’d make a really good hippie Alannah!

WildClawThewarrior says:

and in sweden 😀

derpcake19 says:

Oh thank you! Today is Halloween and I don’t feel good 🙁 no sweets for me

ruby lang says:

It’s Halloween in england too 🙂

123459543211 says:

I’ve been waiting for another video from you for so long!!

Kledetra1998 says:

well… I’ll take a sheet and I’ll make 2 holes and i’ll do a ghost..

U91H3D says:

Happy Halloween Alanna love your videos have fun 😀

Rocky vreeland says:

i live i Michigan and last night was absolute hell!!! i couldn’t get to sleep because of the wind i mean we didn’t even have ‘sandy’ it was just the ‘excess’ and it made the house shake!i cant comprehend what happened to everyone who had to endure those things L<3L

msbethanywilliams says:

Do a tye-dye shirt with you making a funny face, surrounded by some of the little icons you put into your videos ( zombie, man with megaphone, blowdryer, broken heart, Gangnam style guy, etc.)

Jessica Lubbe says:

GAH! i wish my country would celebrate Halloween!!

YTfancol says:

If you know how to belly dance you can go as Shakira, and if you are overweight you can go as a pregnant Shakira ( she is in real life ), LOL !!

xxemberbeautyxx says:

Halloween is my fav holiday too cuz u get free candy!

maddie kessler says:

Dang first ray William Johnson wakes me up at 12:30 in the morning now Alanna? Who else? Shane dawson? Smosh?

CoolGirl1458 says:

Yea yay! Haha

FruitPunch333 says:

Im a manic nuidist

Cat Hancock says:

UMMMM,,, the t-shirt has to be cute so i can actually wear it(:

Taeinmy Hwang says:

Be a banana, walk around with a knife and a fork

asdfasdfasdfasdf4113 says:

2 hours till it’s Halloween.

breanna99876 says:

… My friend did that sorry.. I greatly apologize

breanna99876 says:


oxoxGirlyGurlxoxo says:

My Birthday Is On 3 Of November, Add my on twitter my name is @xoGirlyGurlox

Sage Armstrong says:

Random shades(the kind with the lines through where you see) all around for one shirt. Then two rainbows and a fat unicorn, and your name in the middle of both shirts ;D

Cameron Olsen says:

In one hour it’s haloween!

Cameron Olsen says:

I just decided to use an old dance costume I have and be a ballerina

lilLaura014 says:

For your T-Shirt idea, make them colorful and make it look like a paint splash. If you know what I mean.

OhhhLOL8D says:

I’m being a Sexy Panda! :333333

alekitykat says:

T-SHIRT IDEA!!!—-Alanna with a pillow under her shirt with cut off baby toy arms stuck on and drawn on blood around it

Phoebe Nunn says:

it’s 3.37am in England and its Halloween today!:)

XxRockhopperxX says:

what time is it there? over here in the u.s. its 10:30 pm. im about to go to bed lol. tomorrow is halloween for me