Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman Halloween Costume Tutorial

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Don’t be a ▧. Click see more to read more please. This is a really easy, unslutty, Mia Wallace (pre OD) halloween costume idea. I’m guessing you probably have most of the stuff around your house already. Plus, who doesn’t love Pulp Fiction? 😉 Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe….


exoticbeauty19 says:

you look so good with black hair!

AprilAthena7 says:

This is sooo cool!

therearetvs says:

Such a good idea! Love her and love your vids!

Cristeen Olley says:

Loooooove this!!! Such a good idea 🙂

rxmonica says:

“I just needed to look like I was a little more alive” LOL
I really appreciate [unslutty] costumes like this! You pull it off well, Leighann 🙂

mihnea1 says:

You did an awesome job! I was also Mia Wallace for Halloween two wears ago ( hubby was Vincent Vega).

ginabuglol says:

Superwoman for halloween would fit you

TheLovelyTalitha says:

you kind of look like Uma Thurman..

hannahvenerella says:

“pre OD” bahahhaaha love you

Keaty2012 says:


DallianceAccessories says:


5kaloian says:

I loved it! What nail polish are you wearing? I have to go get it lol!

SimplyyFreshhh says:

hey! we lovelovelove your videos we just started my own channel and it would mean the WORLD if you could check us out!:)

Madeleine Prado says:

very cute!

lushiiouzmamiita says:

So creative love this!

Regine Wilhelmsen says:

Omg, you’re awesome 😀

mommysangeleyes6 says:

you did such a good job on this 🙂

MissMadHatteRSammiie says:

Soooo awesome! Huge PF fan <3 i would add the needle through the chest for this costume though hahaha

MoeDonuts says:

boyfriend tag..?

xthinking0fyoux says:

shoulda done Mia Wallace post OD.. woulda been much cooler.

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MAKEUPLOVE0131 says:

I love it! Good idea.

GigLoinSpriga26 says:

where is that blue brush from?

LittleMintChip says:

I love that giant blue brush! Where was it from? … If you remember.

simplyfinn says:


leighannsays says:

its Bogota Blackberry 🙂

ourbeautywithin says:

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autumnwalkr says:

That’s an awesome and original idea!

simplyfinn says:

Did you remember the opi color? Love it

paulinegful says:

i was this for halloween last year!!!

barbrasaur says:

Love it!!!

leighannsays says:

are you… past me???? *twilight zone*

leezee86 says:

that was my idea!!! 😀

Jenny Sciortino says:

you’re the coolest <3

Atticus Gatsby says:

YAAAY i was going to be this and i got excited when i saw this, and im 16.. lol.

sin545 says:

pulp fiction is one of my all time faves!!!!! i love that movie and you di a stunning uma 😀

Monica Till says:

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biiihteixeira says:

“AND I don’t know..” kkkk, you repeat it so many times, i don’t know

biiihteixeira says:


thereisabetterWay323 says:

9:54 :D!!!

jvicuna14 says:

walk barefoot in the streets?! eeppp! no! lol