Halloween 2012: Best Costume Ideas

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World News Now & Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht show off the hottest costumes for Halloween. *More: WNNfans.com


juliejo2001 says:


John Flatly says:

Last time I checked, Romney wasn’t Mexican…

officialpopstar says:

my cousinnns in this <3

mueygringo says:

Just like your teaching abilitiy, you are considered an ass-clown. Moron Fail!!!

XxxxBEELZEBUBxxxX says:

that’s right. it’s ridiculous.

Phoebe Liu says:

find you true love through my name before Halloween day.

Wayne Patterson says:

Most women look hot in Halloween costumes,but guys just look goofy.

Abdullah Al-jabbary says:

ya realy were is it

Abdullah Al-jabbary says:


xDBsToxic says:

Where is Slender Man???

djgabrielpresents says:

I wish the media would the stop all the fear and warmongering and, instead be more positive and fun.

Try2MakeSenseOrSTFU says:

lmao so, so true

zendojo3 says:

I wonder if wonder woman’s costume has the same invisible power as her jet??

upabittoolate says:

If they weren’t attractive women who aren’t on tv, would they be considered, “awesome”? Hell, at any other job they’d be considered ass-clowns.

lupe556 says:

They’re awesome for dressing up.

Gaergrea Ga says:

life sucks. i experienced all kinds of child abuse. i can’t remove the pain and memory from my head. please kill me

FlowSoNasty says:

are you talking about the princesses?

wejetski says:

Halloween, the one day that makes normal girls look hot.