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Cheap, easy, quick, and hopefully slightly funny Halloween costume ideas. If you smiled or laughed during this video, be sure to hit the like button! 🙂 SUBSCRIBE! 🙂 http instagram: troyesivan Music – Wallpaper by Kevin MacLeod ( ———————————————————- If you read this type “I’ll dress up for you, Troye!” x


walke0113 says:

he is though…

guitargirl136 says:

lol he did act in a movie. XD

aweshumbow says:


andissuely says:

got to admit that this version is wittier than dailygrace. Nice video troye, you are such a cool person to hang out with =DD

sıla göral says:

Just tell me one thing you can’t do and I’ll jump from a cliff! <3

sıla göral says:

Gingerbread man is my favorite! 😀

moish91 says:

HaHaHaHaHa Troye that was adorkable

Katsi96 says:

He is an actor… 

Katsi96 says:

I’ll dress up for you, Troye!

Lautaro Giovanetti says:

Hahahahaha you are my idol! Thanks for suggestions!

Ti Co says:

I’ll dress up for you Troy!! :))))))

mizzycandy says:

Michael Jackson. That was clever! Haha

Ti Co says:


Ti Co says:

Lol you cutie :). These are funny

Dana DelliCarpini says:

These were corny as hell Troy

claudiaaaaaax says:

The song in the background pissed the shit out of me

ndshcub says:

straightforward 🙂

yclyzjohn says:

you should bring your brother in one of your videos in the future~!

Tepi76 says:

But you can’t do the Wand Erection in USA (where Halloween is huge) around kids. They’ll label you as a sex offender so easily. Australia’s fine there.

padfootandprongs07 says:

He is an actor! 🙂

Jade Gatewood says:

OMG I SERIOUSLY COULDNT STOP LAUGHING ! you are so damn creative <3333333 God you are soo cute 🙂

Breanna Todd says:


Nicole Rawr says:

take a calendar and mark 20 days. what are you? tom daley. daley.

ilove1dforlyfe says:

haha this made my day 🙂

Spozzie94 says:

JACKSGAP!!! Seriously great ideas though.

forwardsgirl says:

” I’m Michael, Jack’s son ” hahaha

Vivian Chuy says:
i had to pause it at 1:11 to gather myself because it was so perfect.

lorispilkin24 says:

This made me laugh so much
Very clever troye 🙂 x

ellalovesjanoskians says:

he’s south african

udaragam says:

i thought he was an actor.

jdheather1 says:

Cool, cool, cool. Great ideas! I am so going as Ginger Beer this year. I always have a beer in any case so I just need the wig.

dsl2405 says:

JACKS GAP…. No you didnt……..!!! just found my costume ! you are soooo so so not right…!

dsl2405 says:

WAND’IRECTION…. OMG…… Troye, thats what makes you beautifel…… 😉 P.S> Still laughing…. ok continue play…

litoboy5 says:

cool !!!
cute !!!
0:39 = Julia Roberts

dsl2405 says:

Gingerbread Man… I so laughed at this… I actually had to pause the vid, just to type this….!!!
ok play now…..

JennNicotine says:

He is so cute :3

adriana villanueva says:

He is an ACTOR!!!

dairymoostache says:

You could also just put fake blood on your hands, and when someone asks what you are, you simply say “I hate puppies” and walk away.