Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Bianca2141761 says:

Like patwa:)

ashaqwerty says:

Best accent ever -3

oumi786 says:

Southall.. LOL

BP411 says:

Nice creole accent Lily, you sound like half of me relatives

TheTallbutshort1000 says:

bumbaclart is a swear word

kurdishboy194 says:


TheRealAnnSara says:

“i need to evaluate my life right now… ” hahahahahahaa 

TheTallbutshort1000 says:

lmao the beginning was funny

anjalin1993 says:

I love dailygrace too <3 ...same pinch 😛

Dhuva1 says:

thought the white thing on her wall, was something on my screen…

kikko422 says:

I am from Australia 🙂 @IISuperwomanII

MrsDogLover says:

Funny? Eh.. It was helpful.. sorta xD

missay31 says:


SheScreams Nookie says:

Makes My Day Everytime! <3

Sandhya Chaudhry says:

You do the Creole accent so wellllll! Man, Miss Canada!

itsADEEMusic says:

im a poke mon xD

SibbiF22 says:

OMG I love your hiar!

GobletOfVlogs says:

As soon as you said “my favourite youtuber, daily grace” I liked 🙂

mtasnim30 says:

Awesome sauce accent!!!

awestruckfeva12 says:

luv the Rastafarian hat and the jamaican accent btw…do more videos with them and my favourite was the pokemon one loool

Bla D says:

Get eyeliner, draw stiches on your face.. BAM! Black Veil Brides fan..

mijan1995 says:

PSHH! Americans

Willv700 says:

Pokemon!!!! LMAO!!!
Great Caribbean imitacion man!!! XD

Bla D says:


awestruckfeva12 says:

lol at the end. patois…brings back memories from thunderbuddies

Renadawad says:

Not the Funniest Video She’s Ever Made ….. But it all Good !

ChampionXxXx says:

A lot of people up at 5:53 am (et)

sikh singh says:

this kudi some time looks like bollywood actress asin

musiclover25901 says:

Southhall whoot

Deviji says:

At first I was like “Meh”… but as soon as that Rasta hat went on, this video became freakin’ AWESOME. Big up WI 🙂

Wheres Osama says:

she isnt muslim is she?
i am so eid mubarak to who ever this is:)

Agam Pas says:

Poke mon loll

jeevandulai98 says:

U could be little jacob of gta 4 tje rasta

tasirahmed1690 says:

haha why is superwoman up at 5:30 in the morning?

HaifaBehbs says:


Vanessa xo says:

Omg the blackberry was the best!! <3

Wheres Osama says:

wow ur amazing honest im so glad you do vids every monday and thursady you always make me laugh and honestly if i had to watch a comedy show it would definatally be ur’s right after probably watch some russle peters lolz:) keep it up

NivasPerpetua says:

Rastafarian hat ✔
Jamaican accent ✔
Me doing that idea on halloween ✔

DKzain23 says:

the POKE-MON one was gooooooood I LOL’d

vida samad says:

cock tail was the best…love ur accent

purplelipstick95 says:

eid mubarak :D

Megan Reddy says:

you seriously have a talent

IISuperwomanII says:

precisely. LOL xoxo