Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

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In todays video, we show you five easy DIY costumes that you can make in less than ten minutes: a cereal killer, little white lies, swine flu (sorry, couldnt resist), a chick in a box, and — get this — a Kraft single (you know wed never pass up a chance to be cheesy).


Raining De BEST says:

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Nicole Hill says:

just have a pig nose and wings for the swine flu

Nicole Hill says:

put a line on ur head now ur a headline

vanessanjohnny4ever says:

OH BOY! Cause I totally wanted to be…a piece…of cheese for Halloween…………….o.O FAIL.

teacup1q2 says:

by the time you finish this you can go bye some thing at the store to wear for holloween

jessfreak829 says:

draw the compass directions on a white shirt. then on the north side draw the letter n. now your one direction

vleeb1027 says:

Chick in a box! Hahaha!

alihil420 says:

i’m an asian but even i know these r loser looks…

Mayte Lopez says:

that was actually really stupid-.-

glitzyglamourgal says:

What the heck is a chick in a box anyways..?

pHiai1 says:

haha who really wants to be piece of cheese! o.O

tiff3012697 says:

Or be a black guy helps…

BunniGunni says:

Take a tube and stick it to your body…… now your YouTube

lightpinkpony says:

how this truly is last minute lol

Onedirectiion101 says:

You kinda look like the girl from Shake It Up… Tinka or something… 🙂

iHeartJB1317 says:

Wow, those costume were corny…

maribepezzotti says:

xhittiest video ever

araceli3912 says:

i think thats the point instead of dick you are a chick meheehhehehe

araceli3912 says:

i like the mustache

Toto Clay says:

omgg.. i should do that…. lol jk 😀

Jessie Guadalupe says:

i was thinking of that too….

lsmaassable says:

im not so sure everyone has foam just lying around

tuesdaytutus says:

I’m being da cheese

HomeSkiletBiscuit says:

0:39 that part reminds me of ‘Dick In A Box’

Littledarlin1892 says:

Cut a hole in a sheet for your head. Dye some tampons blue, stick them to the sheet. Now you’re a blue period!

samham991 says:

I think I’ll be the cereal killer

theoffkeydiva says:


100SmilesAway says:

if a chick showed up at a party with a knife and began stabbing herself in the stomach…. i dont think it would go over so well.

Nillabean06 says:

I lol’d at chick in a box

iWasInYourCloset says:

When i say i need last minute costume i really mean last minute

nherny says:

so cute! Love the ideas ladies.

aSavedChildofGod says:

….cereal rapist?

wert4455 says:

i wanna go has a ceral killer lol

wert4455 says:

i made my costume this year last year and the year before

goodyangie1 says:

yeah, dress up as Billy Armstrong!!! :D

kleenexbox20 says:

if u have no ideas< GO AS A STREAKER!

hikupzz says:

dumbest ideas

eddiesamuel1 says:

It always helps to be creative and not think that you HAVE to buy something from the store.

cheapcape says:

is this an ad?