Homemade Halloween Costumes

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Scholastic magazine’s Sara Sinek showed Maggie Rodriguez some creative ideas for great homemade Halloween costumes.


U0Suck0Downs says:

Call this video “how to for rednecks”

ninomt says:

2:51, acting,:YES, in here mind, :NO, THIS SUCKS, crapy costumes 2:51

ninomt says:

dosent even look like an alien, still looks like a person, 2:15

thehammercam says:


XDarXx says:

they twitted? get it right ya slut!….

lifeisfunwithpeople says:

the blond one annoys me

vanillaweirdo says:

4:33 it’s an iPod nano, not a shuffle.

vanillaweirdo says:


I think you meant “they’re”.

mclaughlinshara says:

LADY GAGA’S out of this world – and so are her curves as she poses TOPLESS for the first time. – naked ladygaga. C(O)M –

joshua61991 says:

too bad half these costumes not only suck, but are more expensive than most childrens costumes.

Nick23457 says:

was that girl in the ipod costume wearing a lobster suit under it? O_o

jimmyjimmy6699 says:

my computer is so stupid it doesnt even load the fucking ads!!!!

midnightpintowolf says:

so cute!!!

Gabesteve says:

This video was uploaded on my birthday…..


stop poking fun at the little asian girl shes not dressed as an alien, shes dressed as a little mexican girl in the laundry mat

TheRobster94 says:

1:20 These kids look pissed because they didn’t get any candy because their costumes suck…

eniothesexmachine says:

this costumes r ugly

HanMan3000 says:

Hahaha, the asian girl is the alien! These costumes aren’t so great, but Daniel was so adorable!

laceycoke says:

Holy shit that was pathetic!

MidnightGaming14 says:

0:01 to skip ads

g1ycerine says:

How To Get Your Kids Beat Up For Halloween by Scholastic author The Asshole

2009Kx85rider says:

LMFAO. WTF is this? a joke?

hunnyl0ve says:

I can’t believe they put such crap on tv -__-

bunnieman44 says:

why is the alien asian?

THANEX12 says:

ok u have to admit the iphone and ipod was pretty cute

M0dernWarfareChannel says:

First one is so funny! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

sqmbaker80 says:

LOL! just laught at it ..please see my videos ..you could have better costume ideas for halloween party and any other costume parties you are attending in

hoobalogginmedia says:

im going trick or treating as a nudist on strike.. aka just a guy with clothes on

thephysicwerewolf says:

My homemade Panther costume can kick all of these costume’s asses

PunchKickLipstick says:

The “Where the Wild Things Are” one is adorable. The rest are really stupid.

Poprox779 says:

But the ipod one is cute 😛

Poprox779 says:

The first 1 is the most terrible thing that I have ever seen.

tornartist says:

Alice FAIL!!!

armyboy1o9 says:

LOL they got a Asian chick for the alien… hahaha

gra1997 says:

the where the wild things are one is super cute…. btw….. none of this is homemade…. retarded

gra1997 says:

i totally agree…..

MinnieMouze2010 says:

LMAO the two ‘twilight’ girls look super depressed they look lke their thinking “is this a joke?’ and do they really think kids their age care about the 40th aniversiry of landing on the moon?!? but the cutest ones are the where the wild things are kid and the ipod & iphone sooo cute lol

BasementBunkbeds says:

wow….. the only remotely good ones were the iPods…