DIY Mickey Mouse Costume

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Facebook: Tumblr: Formspring HA HAH, HELLO EVERYBODY! (: I’m sorry I posted this up so late; I didn’t have time to do this earlier! &This was actually a last minute costume that I made yesterday for a Halloween sleepover. It was super simple and quick and not to mention, cheap but cute ;D The shorts and shirt was purchased at Forever 21. The headband, white gloves, and sticky foams could be found at your local drugstore or craft store. If you don’t want to waste money to buy foam, feel free to substitute the buttons with thick white construction paper and just hot glue a bobby pin in the back so you can pin it to your belt loop. If you want to stay warm and cozy, you can always go for a black long sleeve shirt and leggings under your red shorts! You can also add your personal style to it as well by wearing suspenders and other cute accessories~ For my nails, I did red tips with a black outline and cute little bows at the bottom corners. On thumb, I just made Mickey’s shape and his bow tie. It was really simple! I didn’t have any nail tools at all so my nail design was pretty messy. I’m sure you can do a better job! (: If you don’t have time, you can do a red background with black or white polka dots! Or you don’t have to do anything at all since you’ll be wearing gloves anyway! ^^; HAVE FUN and thanks for watching! x3Haha


lit0laura says:

This was so fun to make 😀 I bought gloves and a headband at the dollar store!

DoBeautyYou says:

what editor do you use?? :) – great video!

MsCandyliciouss says:

I can’t seem to find gloves like those! Would anyone know were to find some in Australia? -3 the costume, but I’m missing the gloves… 🙁

MsPuddinggurl says:

U removed the mouse ear video .-.

giraffeluvr27 says:

Do the white buttons come off of the red shorts easily?

purplepandas96 says:

it really took 2 and a half years! lmao

Bloojune says:

whered u get the foam thingies??

Avaallanactress says:

EVERYONE!!! I make monthly favorites videos!! Check them out please!!! xoxo

Unicornwithabowtie says:

I don’t think that would look quite right. You can buy inexpensive ones from like Target that are really cheap

0xXZuZuXx0 says:

Ahhh I can’t do that hairstyle !

My Hair is too thick >_<

akopyan2009 says:


PiinkAres says:

Im just using red skinny jeans.:)

luvcantsaveu09 says:

omg, ur so flippin cute! :3 i’m dressing as minnie for halloween, but this mickey idea is so cute i may have to rethink it lol

TheVictoria838 says:

Love the shorts

KawaiiMonstaX3 says:

ikrrrr…. know one sells red shorts anymore:(

yoitsjulia says:

Hiya. So I had the same problem I couldn’t find ANY shorts.. So if you have a old pair of shorts you can. Bleach them white, Go to walmart or any fabric store and get 1 -2 packs of red fabric dye and follow the directions on the back on how to dye clothing. Thats what I did hope this helped :)

Emma Davenport says:

D’aw. c:

deotrung says:

that cute!

678602t3 says:

Can you just wear regular shorts/skinny jeans if you don’t have them in the color red?

bowlover09 says:


PreTeenLuvz says:

Can you do more halloween costume videos since its comming up? <3! 🙂 (Maybe Nerd Costume?) 🙂 Please lol ty!

prototypebeauty says:

that’s easy JCPenny sells soffe cheerleading shorts now for 8 bucks and I think some walmarts sell soffe shorts for less too they come in every color just google red shorts jcpenny to see if yours has them but I know they do. I like soffe better because its more mickey than jeans! =)

AyooBree143 says:

i met to say shorts aha (: but do you know were i could get red shorts cuz i cant find them in anystore ):

OhhimynameisLauren says:

You’re a bitch. Just thought you should know.

DeeJayGurl4 says:

its but-tons not buddins

summerb573 says:

I’m going as Mickey Mouse using ur idea haha!

jenny123456556 says:

Im going 2 b this thank u so much 100% sure

Paige Loy says:

wear black leggings because he has black legs(:

prototypebeauty says:

what state are you from try Rainbow its a really low cost clothing store with t-shirts 3-5 dollars all colors you can find plain Tees just like the one she is wearing in any color.

AyooBree143 says:

Does anyone know were I could get red shirts ? Cuz I can’t find them in any store because it’s fall ): some help

cindasaur says:

eh , i would do this for halloween .-. but need red pants or shorts or skirt , and a black shirt .-.

PandaLove1717 says:

Im going to be this for Halloween. THANKS!

cutebubbles98 says:

can u please make a diy pikachu costume?

Joyce Chen says:

considering that halloween night will be pretty cold i cant wear shorts ..

TheCookstar12 says:

Can you do one on minnie mouse please?

Yanni Courtney says:

Can you do a DIY Hatsune Miku Vocaloid costume tutorial?

VictoriaLoveKim says:

OMG! this is soo creative !! i love your imagination ! it fit aall perfectly !

GdlookincookinwKaye says:

Absolutely adorableeee :)

Maddi Hart says:

why did you get rid of the ears hair tutorial???????????