DIY Halloween Costumes

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Panda jumpsuit. Goddess of Nature/Mother Nature. And a bride with a scary secret… For more photos, check out Any questions? Please leave me a comment 🙂 Disclaimer: I do not own the music used, credit goes to the respective owners. This instrumental version of “My Boots” was provided by masteremarald123 @ youtube. No copyright infringement intended. Video is for tutorial purposes only!


CompetentFilmMaker says:

seen the exact thing on ebay ;0 cute

helenmelonhead says:

@Linyun101 thank you ^^

Linyun101 says:

That dress u made out of a shirt is super cute ^.^

Diana S. Lopez says:

ok thank you so much 🙂

helenmelonhead says:

hello 🙂 it’s called DIY: animal jumpsuit / costume / onesie / kigurumi­0

helenmelonhead says:

Diana S. Lopez says:

@helenmelonhead: hey please please how do you make the panda jumpsuit i wanna be a panda this year for halloween and if you already did the video well then whats it called??

Maddie2036 says:

how did you make the panda jumpsuit?

helenmelonhead says:

It was extremely comfortable! Haha it’s the way I wrapped it around my body, so once you figure out how to wrap it in the most comfortable way, it should be perfect for an amusement part! 🙂

helenmelonhead says:

It’s up, it’s up! Well.. even if it’s missing the bg music, it’ll do for now, so check it out! Haha, it’ll be much more meaningful/worth it if you make it yourself 🙂 GOOD LUCK! if you need any help/clarifications just comment on that video (Y)

cuitepie863 says:

Please put the panda costume video up soon! 🙂 I want to be able to make it for this halloween. Unless you want to sell me yours!!!! 😀

TheBeautyBirdie says:

really nice! is the mother earth costume comfortable with all these flowers? im thinking about wearing it to an amusementpark.. would that be possible?

XxasdfghjklqwertyxX says:

Better late than never right? OMFG, I can’t wait! I’m gna try to do it so yea! Yay, I’m so excited!

helenmelonhead says:

LMFAO OMG I KNOW I’M A YEAR LATE! haha sorry bout that ^^ but yes, it will be up this week 😀 I’m 95% done sewing it, but already started editing a good chunk of the tutorial already 🙂

XxasdfghjklqwertyxX says:

@helenmelonhead the panda jumpsuit tutorial will be up this week?? 😮 kinda a year late LOL but its okay. Yay for panda jumpsuit tutorial!! 🙂

helenmelonhead says:

i’m working on it!!! :D

helenmelonhead says:

it’ll be up sometime this week! 🙂

maralmishka says:


adv3ntur3time3 says:

Panda jumpsuit tutorial <3 !

fashionnuniicornn says:


LovexxxKizz says:


headintheclouds0220 says:


helenmelonhead says:

I guess I need to make a pit stop at my local fabric store! hehe … I’m thinking about making either a rilakkuma bear, or a chicken or a unicorn? TT___TT” decisions, decisions…

acciojude says:

Can you make a tutorial on how to make an animal jumpsuit? Halloween is over a month away and I want to be prepared 🙂 Thanks!

helenmelonhead says:

thank you! i will most likely have a tutorial up, prob a couple of weeks before halloween 😀

ThePunkyDuck says:

how did you do those? how? So cute! Tutorial, pleeeeeeeease! 🙂

helenmelonhead says:

I’m a huge fan of Lights :) Love her music!

cloudbunny786 says:

LOVE THE SONG! It’s by Lights and it’s called “My Boots”

EienAii says:

Yeah :3 Its so comfy I feel like wearing it to school but the tail kinda gets in the way when you sit down and yay 😀 thank you<3~

helenmelonhead says:

Omg the tiger one is super cute! Haha I’ve been thinking about making a tutorial on how to make it 🙂 But it’ll probably be a different animal… and probably when I get more fabric XD But one day I promise!

EienAii says:

i have one like that 😀 ( wearing it right now) but its a tiger :3 Can you post a tutorial on how to make it?! I would love to learn how!

helenmelonhead says:

Thank you 🙂

metaleslomio says:

hahaha I love panda jumpsuit xD

helenmelonhead says:

🙂 I found a picture online and used it as a reference (will inbox you the link). I figured out how to piece/sew everything together from there haha. I found this youtube video for you, which seems really really helpful. Search “Make a Kigurumi: Part 1” 🙂

monmae21 says:

Howd you make the panda one? 

helenmelonhead says:

YEAAAAH! I think I’m gonna wear the goddness one on Saturday 🙂 (YOU BETTER COMEEEEE DOWN LOL hehe). oh god.. I uploaded this, then had to delete it… Then tried re-uploading 3 times… mother LOL <3 aaaand thank you 😀 😀

helenmelonhead says:

Thaaaaaaanks :D

M00INGxC0W says:

i loove itt 😀 the goddess of nature will look SICK IN PHOTOS

you just filmed this a few hours ago.. and now it’s up. holy <3 PRO.

onejaryd says:

This is soooooo cool 🙂