Coolest Homemade Scary Zombie Halloween Costume

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Go to: Detailed instructions for this homemade Zombie Halloween costume.


Tommynator666xxx says:

good job

mrmccreepy98 says:

Hahaha the songs from Billy And Mandy!

chickey231983 says:

great job love it!!!

Vocaloid898 says:

You used copic markers for airbrushing?

I need to get my hands on an airbrush system. Because I love my copics xD

bustalock says:

That’s awesome. Someone has some talent

sesalina1 says:

how do we make the belt?

Jason Landas says:

SICK! sweet costume

cholito1687 says:



Im going as a hunter from L4D…….RAWR!!!

Rosemarie Delgado says:

voltaire 🙂

MissMarbell says:

Your a sick child! LOVED IT!!! 🙂

Th3newWORLDord3r says:

you can get an airbrush at a nearby hardwear shop or auto shop and you can get liquid latex at hobby lobby or mmichals
you know…any arts and crfts store types of places

xj496 says:

Where can I get the latex and airbrush tool(s).

Blake J says:

This is awesome! :DD