Coolest Homemade Robot Halloween Costume

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Mick Lethal says:

Great idea…but some things don’t translate well into a costume. That’s why the makers of the movie used “stop-motion” as opposed to a man in a suit. Great effort though…but with all that wood it’s probably very heavy.

LTurbide says:

awesome concept, terrible execution…..I was expecting him to fall over when he was walking in the finished costume….

reikoinaz says:

Very impressive 🙂

StarryLogic says:

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CR4ZYJ4Y001 says:

Maybe he could get his legs surgically modified into the same shape???

hartman11cc says:

Terrible costume, I don’t think you should be able to see the legs.

Lion5485 says:

now that’s one one awesome costume

RedJester93 says:

Hey Kenny.

internetstreets says:

i dig the red shoes lol

internetstreets says:

knock knock someone at your door i think it’s ………… yup it’s RoboCop

rittle1590 says:

you killed kenny you bastard wait you are kenny lol south park


Nice Video and costume witch my video will come out like yours cool

Icancomeupwithcrap says:

Until you meet some dickhead jealous man who think it’d be fun to fight you or ruin it on halloween.

datkhmerfoo says:

I’m in the process of making one too

harold mitchell says:

love your robot!!! check out my LISTERINE BOTTLE ROBOT. Just type in listerine bottle robot. I made it about 7 years ago and it still works. $17,000 not for sale.

belynochka says:

if you can make a green film shoot))

iPCSO says:

Imaging while walking across the street with this……WATCH OUT!!! ……..Car is coming.

TheDBall73 says:

Nicely done. It does look like the ‘inner toe’ needs to be cut down, or trimmed lol, to make it easier to walk.

SpreadingtheMuse says:

Of course, your temporary glitch will cost us several million dollars in interest payments alone.

SpreadingtheMuse says:


supermiketully says:

little fire work in canon haha 

TheBlackopsdj says:

how do you manage to fit in the car and knock on someones door holding your halloween candy bag?

Michael Sanders says:

Guns need to be more authentic … Good try tho … I like it

Eddie Torres says:

i love at 0:40 that costume is perfect who build it?

alantupadre says:

and the winnner is Wendy Testaburger with her costume of Chewbacca!!!

LennoDude15 says:



ready for paintball wars

Steven77769 says:

You have 30 seconds to like this comment….

Schopfergotter Solo tu final says:

jajaja muy bueno amigo

lvillalobos says:

how was the dancing at the halloween party?

Daft Novelo says:

Looks really heavy.

GuardianAllin says:

It may actualy work this time with the HUMAN FEET ATTACHMENT XD IF the stairs are wide enough lol