Sexy Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas: The Money Look w/ Michelle Money

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Michelle Money’s Halloween edition of The Money Look finishes off the costume series, staying on trend with a sexy vampire look. A creepy beauty look, Michelle creates a seductive vampiress that’s spooky while eerily beautiful. Try out this vampire costume for Halloween, with styling tips that are affordable and simple! What’s your Halloween costume? Tell us in the comments below! Watch more episodes of The Money Look: Subscribe to Look TV: Subscribe to Michelle’s channel MMandLShow: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Pinterest:

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Katherine C says:

so cool!! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

anglfrmhevn says:

Vampirey, but definitely not sexy.

LifewithStaceyD says:

LOL me too!

LifewithStaceyD says:

I agree!!! I love Michelle and Laura too!! =)

LifewithStaceyD says:

LOVE your videos Michelle!!!!

watchmexo says:

Love her so much! But the look is too much wag

85doric says:

lol i love at the end she says, “but like how hot is that?”

ChristinaBerg2 says:

After watching Ms. Fashionista’s vampire version, this is not as up to par as I thought it would be. I guess you get good effort.

naureensd says:


aichawr says:

She is so gorgeous! Love her and the beautiful Laura’s channel!