Last Minute Creative Halloween Costumes Quickie with Mr. Kate

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I wanted to sketch some fun and easy, last minute Halloween costume ideas for you! These are costumes that I thought would be easy to do with stuff around your home or in your closet. Be a: Twister Game Penny YouTube Video Clean Coal or easy movie characters from your closet: Sandy from Grease Tom Cruise in Risky Business or the classic Where’s Waldo for more info on these costumes and other Halloween ideas visit the Mr. Kate blog: Edited by Brad Etter Song “Fig Leaf Rag” by Kevin MacLeod


ohshiznitz7 says:


Annetlers says:

Which colour to touch? o_o A bit inappropriate

stylemevintage says:

The twister game costume looks like they’re on their period.. I mean you drew a massive red circle right in that area..

stylemevintage says:

The twister game costume

TurquoiseTwister says:

who is waldo? I thought it was wally……

MissSavannahBridges says:

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flourishxo says:

I love the twister idea!!!
Steph xo

TheSimpleBori says:

Hello! I’m not trying to spam or sound annoying but I am a DIYer on Youtube and it would mean the world to me if you could check out my channel!

MsMaysWorld says:

Those are some great ideas, love the twister, penny and clean coal costume, so original!

hayleerose99 says:

Wow great placement of the red dot!!

adree313 says:

Ummm I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing when she put the red dot where she did lol. Joke, ya know?


I have that “Gallery” art case and love itt! The oil pastels are A-MAZINGG! <3

Surfertogreen says:

You are a good sketcher !!

themotionzero says:

Love how you show us drawings instead of the usual talking 🙂

PurplePandaBear777 says:

I’m going to be the Joker but in a nurses outfit.. (If you don’t know what I’m saying then google Joker in a nurses outfit)… xD Going to be great!

xBeautyIsHerNamex says:

so talented c:

TheMelJ2 says:

You are soo creative.. it’s just not normal..

Rosey7teen says:

you’re so genius!

Amy Jones says:

These are so original

besachick123 says:

thumbs up if you realized she said green, blue instead of blue, green. LISTEN 0:20-0:22

ihatelotsofthings says:

i dont think the red dot should go there lol especially if you are a girl haha

TheCeeCeeU says:

I might actually be sandy. Good idea 😀

LuvyaPanda says:

i dont think she misplaced it..

XxLoveAshley says:

That’s an awkward place to have a red dot

lyssahogan6 says:

You put red right on her crotch for the twister costume..

TheMiniBlueBandit says:

haha I had that art set when I was little 🙂

MissCattington says:

Probably not stupid, just too young.

MrsSuziMusic says:

The best is ,,Youtube ,, xD

cindydesigns says:

Great ideas!! 🙂

mitomello31 says:

Do a drawing video please

Emma Sadee says:

I loveeee the risky business costume, but people at my school are too stupid to know what it is

carmelos1998 says:

You are so talnted!(:

Bezoeker248 says:

I think the red dot should’ve been green or blue..

crisparis2000 says:

I hope i could draw like you!

prodigyluvforu says:

Twister game u shouldnt put red there if ur a girl