Zombie Makeup Tutorial

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This was kind of inspired by the little zombie girl in REC. I really wanted to step away from the white skin and black eyes zombie and create a more ‘realistic’ zombie look. Products used: L’Oreal Lipstick (320. Really old and discontinued, I think.) MUA Eyeshadow (Shade 19/20) Liquid Latex (Smiffy’s) Prosthetic Gelatin (nimbacreations.com) (Make a mould with either clay or Play-Doh, use something like a BB pellet or something with a round edge to create the shapes, then fill with prosthetic gelatin or liquid latex.) Grease Paint (nimbacreations.com) Snazaroo Facepaint (Red/Black) Snazaroo Gel Blood * The blood around my mouth is edible blood I made myself, don’t use normal fake blood around your mouth. Links: Beauty Tumblr: emmapickles.tumblr.com Personal Tumblr euphoric-feeling.tumblr.com Twitter twitter.com Beautylish: www.beautylish.com Camera: Lumix G2 Music: Re-Acting – dr_gore2000 ccmixter.org


hollyhiga31 says:

i wish she showed what she did to her chin

miroBGgsi says:

Awesome video, thanks ! 

onlymemory200 says:

thank you so much for this tutorial! I want to dress up as a zombie this year and I wanted to learn how to apply the makeup look for it in the easiest and cheapest way XD

Madeline Cano says:

EEEP! Your accents so adorable!

nfotop says:

this is perfect ive been looking around for a zombie look like this and ive only found extremely gorey disgusting ones, i love that this look looks more infected kind of dead. toronto zombie walk is tomorrow and im definitly doing this 🙂

pnn5 says:

How did you make the boils that you used?

lauraellis84 says:


memami33 says:

wow… love love love! thank you!

Ashley Sevilla says:

I”m sorry but this should be a tutorial on how to look like Kristen Stewart. I’m not even kiddding.

musicbybecks says:

Probably the best, cheapest and simplest zombie tutorial on YouTube.

Annamander says:


lucy beveridge says:

you are really pretty and i like the idea of making yourself look skinier by highlighting your bones xx LOVE IT! xox

bethany robinson says:

i am using this for halloween xx

bethany robinson says:

you have really nice skin wow and that was the best tutorial i have seen in ages xx thanks xx

BeeBee460 says:

BEST zombie makeup I’ve seen on YouTube <3

valentinahernandez19 says:

is so pretty

ilove2laugh1991 says:

youre really pretty

hellopinners says:

This is amazing! Where did you get the prosthetic gelatin from?

Wani Ahmad says:


arflebalto says:

you are awesome at these tutorials, so many people use the white/black/gray paints from party city that make the look just look fake. the way you do it is subtle so it looks realistic. i can’t wait for your next tutorial 🙂

melissalesyinski says:

Thank you for this tutorial. My husband and I won a costume contest using your zombie make up technique!


like bella when she’s pregnant with the baby vempire 🙂 u’re good.

MakeupTeen94 says:

sooo grosssss lmao you look anorexic with the extreme contouring! It’s so awesome! 😉

DizzyLola says:

”… to make your lips look smaller…”

That’s one less step I don’t have to do 😀

kazcon666weirdo says:

Loving this

Léa Bourlet says:

It’s Beautiful !

jisamaroquendo13 says:

– what’s the song name ????

MackkkAttttack says:

I used your tutorial for my zombie look for my job at a huanted house, and everyone loves it! This is so brilliant and looks really authentic.

candacesuero says:

kristen stewart?

cassichavez says:

is that bella? lol

nyz21 says:

You look stunning as a Zombie 😉

Hope to recreate this look for this coming Halloween

Thanks for posting xx

guadalupelucio27 says:

Omg i love it!!

TheBobcatlover says:


FM897 says:

My thought exactly!

PinkHeartClip says:

Can you do a greek goddess-style tutorial?

lolgirllikescookies says:


grethe188 says:

you look like a pretty zombie xD

filmitsuda says:

looks real