How to Do Advanced Zombie Makeup

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Check out Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Special effects makeup can make or break a zombie film’s atmosphere and believability. Most special effects can be done with materials found around the house and makeup that can be purchased from most neighborhood drugstores, in this video Cale Thomas, professional special effects makeup artist teaches you How to Do Advanced Zombie Makeup. Check out the rest of the Zombie Videos on our playlist: Check out these related Mahalo pages: Zombies: How to Make a Zombie Halloween Costume: How to Survive a Zombie Attack: How To Make Zombie Cupcakes: How to Become a Zombie: Learn everything with these playlists: How To Play Guitar Songs: How To Play Piano Songs: How To Play Bass Guitar: How To Play Drums: How To Speak Japanese: How To Speak Spanish: How To Start a Blog: How To Stretch: How To Use Facebook:


GreenJanuary says:

freaking commercials…..

TylerThomasBeauty says:

If he hates his job I will take it haha!!! I mean for real! he looked like he lost a bet!

LaurenSaysHAI says:

He looked kinda dead before you began. lol

Katt Rojas says:

when we go to PAINT

TaylorGang1 says:


kolina713 says:

Kinda looks like Frankenstein with really super bad acne >>

verycoolmusicyup543 says:

sorry but it doesn’t look like a zombie

snotspooper says:

8:59 he slaps the guy in the face

KingdomHearts1207 says:

Model: Can I see that?
Makeup Artist: *Ignores and continues talking*

ForeverDark1313 says:

When he started up the hair dryer i thought it was a saw lol

Kittykat72482 says:

he’s hot when he smiles 😉

Charlie Lane says:

Could you please do the american werewolf in london werewolf makeup. You’ll need: Yak hair grey and black face paint and a werewolf prosthetic. Not to mention werewolf ears. Thx!

TheCh00kiat says:

Does the Same thing work with glue??

80Kain08 says:

Quite amazing 🙂

Haruhi Akutabi says:

at 9:00 i swear it looks like hes slapping that kid xD

ZodiacGypsie says:

i would be so excited to be a zombie! but the model’s expression is hilarious

NiamhIsGingerful says:

okay okay, best model ever.

orybamborybabee128 says:

airbrushes are INEXPENSIVE?! sureeeeeeee.

Riley Fitzpatrick says:

That is amazing!!!

jasmine Saadawi says:

ya he look like a zombie before the make up lol .. but what a nice zombie who take care of his hair loool .. nice work i liked it

daddimack says:

is it just me or does he look like a zombie before the makeup???

ThePotato0 says:

Your model guy really should smile…or have some expression

IraqiConscience says:

Your model is already zombie need no freakin’ make up!! hhhhhh

drewthless says:

The zombie guy looked so sad. 🙁

rf1308 says:

And the contacts. Ahaha.

kimbocat40 says:

Have a look on the internet, model shops sometimes sell them too.

kimbocat40 says:

Poor person only asked a question, jeez.
The youtube vid says they are inexpensive btw. =)

oObubbleysOo says:

9:33 he looks more like Frankenstein’s monster than a zombie! Still very cool

BudhagRizzo says:

What type of paint are you using?

knuxiefan1994 says:


knuxiefan1994 says:

I just TOLD you! WalMart does NOT sell real airbrush guns!
and PRECIOUS sell the makeup AND THE AIRBRUSH GUN. They are usually $200.00 because they come with a set of makeup. I never said it was inexpensive. Maybe you replied to the wrong person.
NO RETAIL STORE SELLS AIRBRUSH MAKEUP GUNS. You MUST order online! Again, stop wasting your time commenting. airbrushmakeup DOT com. Just go that that website &leave everyone alone.

JustbeinaDaphne says:

The model has the same expression on his face as me when I type LOL

Dragovitch27 says:

It’s not just you

MaRiAglou says:

is it just me or the model wants to punch him in the face????

cherylimshen says:

I wonder how the guy can keep a straight face the whole time