Geekiest Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is heading our way, and for some geeks that’s an opportunity to get very creative!


surfacingcom says:

Well, it IS called GeekBeat…

rdaffon23 says:

lol. yes, she’s fit, but most of the people I workout with at the gym are in competition shape so I’m not as awestruck as others. Some of the comments just seem so . . . desperate.

surfacingcom says:

Does staring at her ARMS the whole time count as pervy? ‘Cause seriously, she could beat my ass with those things.

Wait. I didn’t mean that as a request..

sssdagmo89 says:

first, spending 8 billions dollar for halloween is ridiculous while people being homeless and starving
second, Cali you look hotter than the original wonder-woman

Proxy5 says:

oh man Cali… I just heard that classic little tune from the show when she changed… then “Wonder-womaaan”… LOL. Looking good though. ;^)



rdaffon23 says:

are there that many single pervs out there? or am I the last person that believes I’m married to a beautiful woman where I don’t need to comment on women in scantily-clad costumes. Probably why the AVN is the same time as CES.

Looking forward to more tech-related news on this channel.

thetez24 says:

$28.65 was about how much I spent on my Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver.

JendisJournal says:

How ironic that the YouTube ad is for Ford Focus. LOL

Gary Powell says:

Wow! The WW is WowWow!

Meho Kahrimanovic says:

cali as wonderwoman this i will give an eye brow raiser

rdy4wteva says:

i wanna see you out that costume

thescrybe says:

Cali just made many a geeks’ dreams come true. :-))

MonkinOut says:

you’re a Wonder, Wonder Cali!

Yousif Eissa says:


sleggsman says:

First view. Wow. Go Geeks!