Halloween Costume Shopping

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Lillian45rabbit says:

Have you ever been superwomen?

brian griffin says:

4:00 she looks so hot

aestheticglory says:

HAHAHAH Mustafa!!

Brooke Melose says:

Ii live in Canada do

Radha fox says:

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Abdul Hameed says:

Waoo WhaTTa weird accent lol

jasminkhg says:

I made my own Minnie Mouse skirt, used a black shirt, and then bought minnie mouse ears. Cost me less than $30!

hummer2jatt says:

1:44 to 1:50 I can’t fuckin stop laughing!!

fatimadgira says:

shes from canada home town

effdee slim says:

where are yu from ? You named wonderland rides in one of ur vidss lol

Saahi Katari says:

LOL! Grab any three items in your house and dress as Lady Gaga!!! ;P ;P ;P

Samuthiran Nirmalanathan says:

Heheheh! 😀 just something i would appreciate: you should text your videos (on English) when you talk hindi/ Punjabi (?) I get your stuff but I don’t understand what you Say sometimes….

Nur Huda says:

hahah lady gaga tyhang was golllldd!

pinkyoilers says:

😀 i saw a really cute polar bear costume once!! but it was like 50 bucks so i made one instead!! didnt even cost me 20 bucks!! 😀

berrylover246 says:

lmbo 😀 0:50 run simba lol

Anveer saini says:


Eylemlove99 says:

…I…need…To…Stop…Eating..whilst…watching your videos. Because right now there is a clump of chips and salsa on my carpet.

liss ryan says:

I love your hair… 🙂 I so wish my hair would grow that long… :(, and it look’s so healthy, how do keep it so healthy???

vadyn1023 says:

Never met a person as crazy as I am till I saw ur vids , hook me up,super women

Banannaa1 says:

omg you brought Jessica back! hahahaha

Harwinder Kular says:

lol look at 4:00 , ” Trick or Treat.” Where’s the candy gonna go? You got a toothbrush in your mouth! LOL

Harwinder Kular says:

LOL. That’s all I have to say 😛

Mollritz says:

“Halloween costume shopping I HATE YOUR FACE!” LOL 😀

SwagBoySam says:

Why not u be superwomen

girlgeeneeuss says:

those two seconds made me laugh harder than all of AK’s videos…
…combined. 😀

Sowmiya Sivakumar says:

I love when the stores are all decorated for halloween! It gives me the halloween spirit!! But usually i make my own costumes or i would wear the a costume from last year:P

nickkerr97 says:

Funny as heck but so true

Alluma Nati says:

You know what’s even worse than the lineups, the parking, is it just me or should the ratio of handicapped parking to non be reversed considering how many people there are who don’t know how to properly lace their shoes hey Superwoman…

Oh, and that pimple on your forehead is pretty big Superwoman, you should hide it with a Gem…

Jobu XD

Brianne Meadus says:

I love leviathan!

Tapan Natt says:

I love when she does that party thing at 0:04 <3

puneet sidhu says:

True that with the lady gaga thing

nikpai123 says:

I live in markham too!:-D

animeasiangirl says:


Ashlesh Narsiah says:

Nice face with the hat

UrLoveeMahDrug says:

you remind me of my bestfriend.

sarbjot hans says:

nice i love this video i am being a devil muhaaaa

splashboomcrash says:

You forgot the dmv line.

dianthaaxo says:

katnaijo behemoth and leviathan lol [: ~