Leopard Halloween Costume Ideas: The Money Look w/ Michelle Money

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Michelle Money’s special Halloween edition of The Money Look features three festive costume ideas. In this video, Michelle builds off the Black Cat beauty look, adding spots to her face and changing up the outfit! Stay glamorous this Halloween with this gorgeous leopard look! What’s your Halloween costume? Tell us in the comments below! Watch more episodes of The Money Look: goo.gl Subscribe to Look TV: goo.gl Subscribe to Michelle’s channel MMandLShow: goo.gl Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com Follow us on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com


lovedanc1 says:

Can you do masquerade makeup?? Like just pretty stuff to go under and with a beautiful mask.

premierereviews says:

yeah michelle!

SuperRachel22 says:

Can you do a devil?

section8solo says:

Now go for a Siberian Tiger look. See how that one turns out.

Gina K says:

A Gypsy themed look!

dengxinj1 says:

i love leopard

look says:

We’ve got lots more Halloween content coming this week and next: costumes, makeup, fashion, and nail art! Stay tuned…

Stacey245 says:

Do more Halloween custom videos!!!

jenval2514 says:

looktv is one a fav channels now! The turorials are so clear and simple! love michelle and love the leopard look! its my fav too <3

Cineys says:

How did you know i had seen the cat look video?

bevhills1 says:

Michelle…. What a great job on this look!!!! xo Carol