Katy Perry Halloween tutorial + Costume Ideas!

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Have a great Halloween 🙂 ♥ Twitter!- twitter.com ♥ DAILYBOOTH- dailybooth.com ♥ Vlog channel- www.youtube.com Disclaimer- I bought everything in this video except the sigma brushes. I am NOT being paid or sponsered by any companies and all opinions are my own. 🙂


paolajm12 says:

ummm there is absolutely no Katy Perry costumes at any halloween store. I’ve looked for them myself because i wanted to be her for halloween but i didnt find any. I also didnt find that blue wig. where did you buy it?

Annie Nguyen says:

you sound like katy perry! hahaa (:

alesha4040 says:

your eyes look really pretty!!! lol


u didnt film the part where u put stuff under ur eyes.

bowbeauty24 says:

where’s her shirt from?

Nicole Joseph says:

luv your nails

paolajm12 says:

i wanted to be katy perry i freakin love her, but it was too complicated.

where did u buy that blue wig?! i have looked for it in many halloween stores and they dont have it!!

cherrygirl4421 says:

could you do like some kind of bumble bee costume and makeup or something.oh and i love your eyeshadow.

littledetail says:

hey, i was wondering if you could do a room tour? just wondering…PLEASE do more costume vids! 😛


you say-Sooo pretty alot!

MalaiaLovex3 says:

this isss so prettty!

Musicislove83 says:

Love this! You are adorable! Totally gonna try this for Halloween 🙂 Thanx!

mrnumnums123 says:

I’m being Katy Perry ferr Halloween.I want to thank you for making this tutorial.=)

Kelsey Ramsay says:

where did you buy this wig?!

Realmvogue says:

So beautiful colors

peedeypot says:

That eye makeup is sooo pretty! But in the california girls video, she had glittery purple eyes. But I like this look WWAAYY better!

ShimmerStar98 says:

imma be katy perry!!

gabbylautner123 says:

can you do a greek goddess tutorial??

TNOWYA says:

What color and brand is your fingernail polish? I think it’s one I wore once, but I never got the name.

MissCityChic says:

haha hello kitty
i would never have thought of teal and green for katy perry, but it totally works.
haha cuz its halloween and i can do that! ur blush actually looks natural in my opinion-
ur ‘costume’/outfit looks like something to wear to school! totally not katy perry.love ur hairband + tank top.

beebz15 says:

@honeylust0051 ikr she said i like 9 times! but she does make great tutorials!@Macbarbie07 loved the costume! 🙂

Carudia100 says:

I love your tutorial’s. <3

Natalie Davis says:

you could be like a SWEET SWEET VERISON OF KATY PERRYlol

ccheska04 says:

please make more!!! omg i love u

SmileAlwaysL says:

what color is on your nails?

rhinestonedreams13 says:

does the gel liner stay on the water line for a long time?

librakitten16 says:

That coastal scents blue eyeshadow is gorgeous! xx

Selina li says:

DOESN’T SHOW ON CAMERA LOL what are u taliing about.. ur camera is awesome <3

Katelyn060 says:

This is my favorite Halloween tutorial that you made.

sportystormy says:

where did u buy the wig cuz i love it

michalimic says:

Beautiful!! What blush brush did you use?

JessikaSees says:

where is the wig from???

Aphrodite23100 says:

Hi 🙂 this is my first video i see of yours and i can honestly i can say it is one of the best ones ive seen! you actually take ur time unlike the some that “fast foward” the makeup applying part. Keep it UP!

ValeriaBT says:

you’re sweet 🙂

MelanieV300 says:


guccistar07 says:

Can you do Athena or Greek Goddess halloween tutorial?Thx:)

ktlovescows says:

Very professional little lady! Thanks for the idea!

Rosycheeks04 says:

Love this!!! 😀 Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a winter fairy/princess make-up and costume tutorial???? :))) Love your videos!! And you! 😉

juicycouture79 says:


iHateyou753 says:

Honestly, you’re prettier without makeup. <3

mojoj87 says:

so cute :)

lizzzzziee says:


classyandfabulous94 says:

i loveee this makeupp look!