Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

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You no longer have to be a cat or a bunny to be sexy, ladies. Check out my daily show The Guyism Speed Round: Add me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! @KatieNolan

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Gumball line, immediately followed by the shower line – best two, in my opinion.

russb37 says:

Subscribed! Lucky to have found you at the beginning, new you were special then and as always- YOU ROCK Miss Katie, keep up the great work

warpzonetomars says:

This is, hands down, the best video you have ever made.

iiaaaronn says:

what are you going as for halloween? :p

krazyknva78 says:


MrWrigley10 says:

“tarana-hor-ous rex” and “drunk uncle” — omg — LOVE IT! 

Spencer Jackson says:

I actually like some of those costumes. I’m going 2 C if I can find them on-line.
& we all know Halloween is just an excuse 4 “normal girls” 2 dress up like sluts…. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

SensibleMinded says:

I kinda wanna see if I bend that etch-a-sketch over a table and see if I can erase it.

armybuff21 says:

I tyranno-whore-rus rex went extinct due to being over hunted by the douchious-bag-osaur! Lol, outstanding humor!

fidorover says:

This was great and very funny. If you get the time, it’d be great to see more holiday-themed videos from you.

Perhaps a Thanksgiving video instructing us how to get along with relatives, titled: “So, You Stabbed Your Creepy Uncle Marty WIth A Spork…”

listwithlucas says:

However, I *do* still like the old reliable “sexy cat” and “sexy witch” costumes… those are timeless! :)

listwithlucas says:

I’m in love. Katie Nolan seems to have it all… brains, beauty, confidence, poise, great comedic instincts, and that wonderfully-warped sense of humor. What a gem! Katie, I hope you will consider a national tour soon; meanwhile, I’ll be staying up late catching up on your posts. I haven’t come across anyone so fun to listen to (and watch) in years.

ElmoWantsHisBlanky says:

ahahahahahaha i love this bitch

WoWisSerious says:

Ahhhhh. I love Halloween. 🙂 :)

Sidday91 says:

“Slather me in butter and find me in your poop later” probably the best line. Katie, you rock.

petrino says:

yay slutshaming!

MrCaltec says:

Tyrannawhorus Rex! ha ha

Yanrez says:

peeing in the shower! better.. just saying.. otherwise funny as fuck y0

HamoonRandoms says:

This is great. Kinda reminds me of just how funny you are when you don’t have to put together a long, carefully edited video on daily topics. You is one in a million Katie. The only person that matches you on Youtube is Grace H.

resnatachyon says:

Great vid!

omfggoogle says:

So how much porn do you watch kitty?

dmtotton says:

Love the lounge music.