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abbyokoro191 says:

Had to put this in my favourites

bailar9 says:

Stilababe09 sent me here.

miamiyori says:

StilaBabe09 didnt send me

IrethN says:

Stop it with your StilaBabe sent me here. No one sent me here. I’m here to watch Grace. Now shut up.

sarahdw88 says:

Nooo I saw you on YOU DESERVE A DRINK 🙂

blackkjackk13 says:

@knbor noo he tuns 40 on October 17th ! 🙂

234kirstie says:

Same here @ Ines Angellove

Ines Angellove says:

Stilababe09 brought me here 😀

CocoaKisses888 says:

Stilababe09 did not get me here (even though i love her), i did

1D567 says:

Lololol i thought bebier fever was gonna be the guy from gamgnam style hahaha

woodwinds4ever says:

Grace’s awesomeness brought me here

Sarah Oliveira says:

@stilababe09 sent me here 2!!!!

Miley411ever says:

Merideth sent me here 😉

JaylieG says:

lmao, hilarious..

kenzie0304 says:


BenefitsofBeauty09 says:

Stilababe09 sent me here 🙂

hayden beard says:

I laughed so hard I pooped

xoxoforeveryoung17 says:

StilaBabe09 sent me (; AHAHAHHA

ArcaneInsignia13 says:

The last one was a lot better. The next video will be better I’m sure, but chalk this one up to a fail. Sorry, but it’s true.

MsIloveakb48 says:

Meredith sent me ;)<3<3<3

AmityMorgan29 says:

hahaha bieber fever! oh god you kill me!! LOOOL

teentitans10101 says:

StilaBabe09 sent me 🙂

Karen Hernandez says:

the bieber fever kill me!!

xoPeterRabbitox says:

I watched this video and I still love you.

RoxyLol892 says:

@dailygrace i didnt know that you were the girl in the Lowes commercial!!

Taylor Knight says:

bieber fever my favorite.

SeeyouonbroadwayNYC says:

I’m doing Insta-gram or the pumpkin spice latte ^__^

NikkiSixx822 says:

Im here for only 1 reason i clicked the link in Stilababe09’s video description!
……….yeah so Stilababe09 sent me here 😀 Glad i watched it though!

NikkiSixx822 says:

No but his b-day is on the 17th of october!

NikkiSixx822 says:

lol ikr 🙂

CallMeSonia13 says:


AbercrombieAndJuicy says:

wow we all love meredith

jennapotter18 says:

Dammit! I only own a Gyrfindor, and and Ravenclaw!!

rebecca111able says:

Lol thought the bieber fever one was the guy from Gangnam Style

rebecca111able says:

Stilababe09 sent me here

PaigeBauer3 says:

stilababe also sent me

iilovepink87 says:

StilAbabe sent me

2298DJ says:

i’m here bc of Stilababe09 🙂

Emily Hong says:

Stilababe sent me

SlapItBeauty says:

LOL beiber fever cracked me uupp!! XD

flpt27 says:

@dailygrace Write Frank on a “hello my name is” sticker, and then wear a sweater with a tie, or bow tie, & sport jacket, try to capture the nerdy librarian look. In a monotone voice repeat Bueller over and over again. What are you? Frank in Stein!